The theatre of delusions

I was speaking to a very senior person in football administration today.

He has run a provincial club and is a match delegate in the top flight.

As we were discussing the latest instalment from the Ibrox soap opera he said to me “it’s like a circus”.

I said that I thought it was more like a magic show.

Nothing is as it seems and it is all set up to fool the paying punters, but that’s what they paid for.

Since 2012 to pay into Ibrox has been to suspend belief and the price of the ticket got you an alternative reality voucher.

You got to pretend that the club you had grown up supporting had not died in liquidation.

Ibrox became the theatre of delusions and the amazing Chuckles proved himself to the consummate delusionist.

However it could get stranger in 2015.

In times past The People were fond of chanting “there is not at team like the Glasgow Rangers. No not one and there never shall be one!”

Well there might be soon.

Actually there could be several.

The following can only realistically happen if the current entity is liquidated.

I remember writing in late 2011 early 2012 about the real possibility of Rangers being liquidated.

When I published that analysis it was scoffed at by The People with their usual racist ad hominems added.

I suspect that the online hatred that was aimed at me was designed to make me do walking away from this story.

They were as wrong about me as they were about the chances of Rangers surviving the 2011-2012 Season without going bust.

Of course, on several levels, The People were wrong so I think their Pavlovian responses to the following can be discounted ex parte.

Firstly the troubles of RIFC/TRFC are now well documented to such an extent that even The People get it.

RIFC have now published two sets of annual accounts and their catastrophic subsidiary TRFC (formerly Sevco Scotland limited) has also published their inaugural accounts earlier this year.

Liquidation is real a possibility, only the wherewithal of Big Mike can prevent it now.

At this stage his long term intentions apropos Sevco are uncertain.

However if the SFA decide that he is a naughty boy then he might quit.

Sport, of course, is about competition and the chaps at Ibrox might not be the only show in town soon.

‘Glasgow Rangers’ might be the name picked for the next entity to vie for the affections of The People in 2015.

One distinct possibility that is in the pipeline is that someone or some consortium would purchase a struggling Scottish football club, perhaps in the lower reaches.

They would then rename and rebrand it to make it alluring to The People.

Some of them might agree with Mr Donald Findlay QC that the current “entity” at Ibrox was not the real Rangers.

Obviously the chap heading it up would need to have a large enough quantum to impress the dignified tendency.

As in any team the guy up front is crucial and if I was trying this wheeze then I think I would enlist someone like Mr Souness to be suitably Churchillian.

Yes, I think that would work, merely speculation on my part of course.

Of course in the other light blue corner there is Mr David Cunningham King.  I rather suspect Mr David Somers called it correctly last spring when he told the man without a pen that his game was liquidation.

Those are two possible scenarios if Big Mike does walking away.

  • Buy a struggling outfit and rename it as some kind of Rangers.
  • Wait till RIFC /TRFC collapses in liquidation and then snap up the major assets, Ibrox and the world renowned Albion carpark.

Both of these plays involve the cooperation of an understanding governing body.


Of course timing is vital and whichever plan comes to fruition it must happen in the, very short, close season.

The transfer of membership is key for the King play, but not for the rebranded club.

The Clydebank/Airdrie scenario would then be in play.

We have seen over the last two years the desperate need of The People to deny that Rangers were liquidated.

Subsequently we saw the risible fiction of the Holding Company Vehicle take hold.

Charlie turned up and proved himself to be a top class continuity trickster.

The audience fell for it because they wanted to.

He conjured up Sevco and they thought they were looking at Rangers.

It worked like magic.

In a puff of smoke he was gone only to reappear in Normandy with the box office takings.


RIFC is hamstrung by his Onerous Contracts and until they vanish then Sevco is as good as sawn in half.

Even with a top class guy like Mr Llambias driving the bus the entity that Charles of Normandy created cannot be saved while those legally binding agreements are in place.

Actually RIFC/TRFC does not need a Chief Executive they need an escapologist.

However The people might be about to be enthralled by an entirely new act.

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