The Third Punic War and other expensive excursions

The debacle of the £5m loan is only the latest in the Sevco shambles that thwarts all attempts at parody.

I am reliably informed that The People think that a great victory was won for them at court by Mr David Cunningham King.

No doubt if he had magically appeared at Edmiston Drive today he would have been feted like Scipio Aemilianus returning from the Third Punic War.

I’m afraid that the reality is more grubby and prosaic.

In the real world, there is a loan of £5m that is outstanding and, as far as the Sports Direct people are concerned, it is in default.

The mainstream is full of fluff about there being only £500k that needs to be found and it will all be favourably settled by Hogmanay.

Despite this upbeat stenography, I am assured by a well-placed source close to the action that the folk at Sports Direct are not expecting to be paid back before the end of the year.

In fact, as of late last night, my understanding is that they had not been contacted about this matter by anyone in the New Regime at Ibrox.

This chap is one of the sources who originally informed me that the June 12th meeting between Ashley and King had taken place.

The same well positioned source stated to me today that it is his belief that the legal jousting this week has, if anything, strengthened General Ashley’s resolve.

One thing I was told to keep a weather eye out for was the issue of the expenses culture of the New Regime.

He said that General Ashley had a comprehensive dossier of what was being spent by the directors of Rangers International Football Club (RIFC).

Moreover, anyone reading this document would have a granular understanding of how much Mr David Cunningham King costs RIFC for travel and accommodation to the UK.

This chap told me that this dossier had been shown to ex-RIFC Chairman Malcolm ‘Malky’ Murray.

When he perused the contents of the report he was, I am told, shocked by how much just ONE director was costing the company.

Of course, any intrepid stenographer could contact Malky and ask him about this.

Here are some helpful questions to all the way from a foreign country:

“Have you seen a dossier outlining the extent of expense claimed by directors of RIFC?

Is it fair to say that you were shocked by the amount of money being claimed in expenses?

Did you make a remark to the effect that even under the rule of Charles Green and Craig Mather that there was not expenses on this scale?”

I’m sure an award winning stenographer can think up some other questions, but those three are a good start.

Oh and that £5m that has not been paid after all?

Big misunderstanding. No biggie…

Well, the stenographers might want to check with Sports Direct HQ on that one.

However, it will involve asking some questions.

So here is more foreign help:

“Do you consider the loan to Rangers International Football Club to be in default?

If so, are there any penalties now accruing to the principal sum?

Is it true that the outstanding amount is now over £6m?”

Now I have to go back to the play because the first reading is tomorrow.

No pressure…


Fact is stranger than fiction and that is certainly true of the Sevco saga.


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