The triumph of the ill

In the world of marketing it is important that your product stands out from the crowd.

Indeed it is vital that the market believes that what you’re selling is, ahem, better than all the rest.

Last month the current embattled regime at Sevco gave the klan their Nuremberg moment at Ibrox and how they loved it!

Despite national coverage of this hate fest the higher echelons of the Crown Forces didn’t seem to have a problem with that so we can expect more of the same next year.

Now the gentle souls who read the Daily Mail have been told what many of us already knew on Planet Fitba about the klan.

I didn’t gasp in shock that a photograph of British soldiers giving a Nazi salute would have an Ibrox angle.

Of course it will come as no shock to the nationalist community in the Six Counties to be told that there is an open sewer of fascism in the British Army and that their black hearts are in the Govan Stand.

Just as in the days when Crossley Tenders full of war criminals terrorised my grandmother’s village in Mayo, the modern British Army provides a home for those consumed with a visceral hatred of the peoples conquered by the empire.

It is undeniable that there is a canteen culture of fascism amongst Crown Forces only the scale of the problem remains moot.

I shudder at the thought of a member of the English Defence League let loose on the people of Afghanistan with a modern weapon.

For many years accusations of collusion between Crown Forces and Loyalist Paramilitaries were dismissed as fantasy.

Now the truth, forty years on, comes dripping slowly.

However, it is clear that while decent British people are appalled at these crimes in Ireland and the presence of fascists in the ranks there will be a warm welcome for the Queen’s Nazis at Ibrox.

It is very clear what the unique selling proposition of the Sevco product is a brand identity constructed by and for the fascist mob.

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