The ungrateful dead

Apparently Mr Alexander Easdale wants the home crowd at Ibrox to cheer more.

He is correct.

The people who claim to be Rangers supporters have much to be grateful for.

Had there been a different approach in 2012 from those on the 6th floor at Hampden then there would have been no club called Rangers starting season 2012/2013.

Instead Mr Regan took Charles Green and his offshore associates at their word and, well, you know the rest.

It appears to me that the objective of the people in charge of the national game was to have a Rangers, any Rangers, playing the following season.

They even conjured up the convenient fiction of a ‘conditional membership’.

So at this juncture The People really should be very grateful that they can visit a stadium called ‘Ibrox’ to cheer on a team called ‘Rangers’.

Currently it is only the money of Mike Ashley that is standing between this Rangers and financial oblivion.

To that end it would appear that Mr Llambias is getting seriously Dickensian at Ibrox.

I am sure saintly Sir Bob Geldof could do a little charity gig to let them know it’s Christmas time in Govan.

The ghost of Sevco future looks very unlike old Rangers or even the new pretend Rangers created by Charles of Normandy.

In the future, if they have one, new Rangers will be a business that will wash its own face.

For starters it will break even and that will be non-negotiable.

However, the very able Mr Llambias is finding that RIFC/TRFC has a birth defect built into it.

Charles of Normandy and his offshore pals continue to do very well indeed out of the creature they created in 2012.

The Onerous Contracts will obstruct Mr Llambias the same way that they stymied Philip Tudor Nash.

However what cuts can be made are now being implemented.

This was not the case when Laxey partners were pushing for major austerity measures in February.

A year on from when Philip Tudor Nash first set foot in the Big House the financial situation is so clear that even The People now get it.

There is a cash crisis and only severe cutbacks will do.

After each department in Ibrox has been reduced then Murray Park will be next in 2015.

Costs in every area of the business will be micromanaged by Llambias and his team.

That is what he is there for.

When I stated here over a year ago that the choice for Sevco was ‘austerity or insolvency’ I actually meant it.

The former has now arrived and it remains to be seen if the latter can be averted.

At a recent meeting last month of the Rangers fan Board Mr Alexander Easdale stated that the fans should celebrate more.

At time of writing the financial situation is utterly desperate and the catastrophically low crowds this month could prove fatal.

If The People are of the belief that Rangers did not die in 2012 and this is the same club founded in 1872 then they had better start turning up at Ibrox while it is still home it their beloved club.

Because of the deals with Sports Direct and the other Onerous Contracts the only revenue streams now available to the club are ticket sales, programs and corporate hospitality.

That’s it.

Therefore the amount of paying fans turning up to the Bleak Big House is important.

Yesterday The People punched the air at the Telfer decision.

Well they have Mr Easdale to thank for that.

I can reveal that when the money was originally put on the table Philip Tudor Nash wished to settle and bank the funds.

However Mr Alexander Easadle would hear none of it.

He realised what it meant to the fans on the ‘old club new club’ issue and he understood that because he is a fan himself.

Moreover, he told Nash that the club would fight and they would take it all the way.

The Easdale brothers are the only guys left standing in the Blue Room with an emotional connection to Rangers.

Yet these two working class guys get the most appalling online opprobrium hurled at them on a daily basis from the heroically anonymous and bravely concealed on light blue message boards.

It is worth remembering that these brothers put their own cash into RIFC/TRFC and will almost certainly never see it back again.

Despite this they continue to abuse the Easdales.

If I were one of The People I think would be a little more grateful.

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