The usefulness of C4.

In my youth the term “C4” meant something that made a big bang.

These days it means Channel 4, specifically their flagship news programme.

Regular readers here will know that I am of the opinion that when it comes to Planet Fitba journalism in Scotland has been inert for as long as I can remember.

The impulse to uncover and publish about the soccer establishment  in Glasgow ,was defused a long time ago.

This cosy arrangement gave everyone a quiet life.

There was an understanding that there wasn’t anything that was going to go off unexpectedly.

That is why the Dallas email story broke the rules and the Mark Daly documentary was highly atypical.

The allegations made by Hugh Adam, that undisclosed payments to players at Rangers were the norm at the club from the 1990s, begged for a serious news organisation to get involved.

Despite the impressive façade at Edmiston Drive and Hampden I haven’t been convinced since the Dallas email story that the foundations were secure.

For the last two years I have waited to see what another tremor would do to the superstructure of Planet Fitba.

Tonight at 19.00hrs we might see the impact of a well-placed charge on C4.

A charge of cheating…

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