The view from the Disabled Section

In the aftermath of the news that UEFA will investigate the unauthorized use of fireworks at the Celtic V Cliftonville match I sought the views of a disabled Celtic supporter Joe Clark.

 Q: Where are you from?

A: Chapelhall


Q: How long have you been a Celtic supporter?

A: I have been a Celtic Supporter for 52 years. I was born days after the 1957 League Cup Final

When we beat a team once called Rangers 7-1


Q: What was your first game?

A: The first game I remember was a Scottish Cup semi-final at Ibrox in I think 1961

when we played a Wullie Fernie inspired St Mirren and lost 3-1. I remember there was

a break in from the Celtic End


Q Who was your first Celtic hero?

A: John Yogi Hughes or John Divers


Q  Are you a Season Ticket holder?

A: Yes in the Disabled Section.


Q How long have you had a Season Ticket?

A: Since I joined the Disabled Section in 1998-99 season.

Before my disability got worse I used to pay at the turnstile.


Q Where in the stadium do you sit?

A: Down the front of FS1. Wheelchair 6.


Q What is the nature of your disability?

A: Chronic lung disease and a lot of related illnesses.


Q What is access like to Celtic Park?

A: Very good and the Disabled Section Stewards look after us well.


Q What are the away grounds in the SPL like?

A: Some are ok others are not good.


Q The Disabled Celtic Supporters Association made a statement some months ago calling for an end to the use of pyrotechnics inside football grounds at Celtic matches. Did you support that call for the pyro to be given the red card?

A: Very much so. I have to bring oxygen to games now as my condition gets worse.


Q Does pyro in the grounds impact on you because of your disability?

A: Yes. The fumes of these would kill me and others with the same condition

if we inhaled enough of them.


Q If you could speak directly to those using pyro at Celtic matches what would you say?

A: All I would say is go and support Celtic. Sing your hearts out and cheer on the Bhoys.

That’s what the team need. Support.

There is nothing in supporting Celtic that says we need flares or bangers.

We are Celtic SUPPORTERS!

So when Glen Daly starts singing let’s get tore in.

Hail Hail




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