The window closes on a Greek tragedy at Sevco

It must be difficult to keep up the pretence that Sevco is a big outfit.

Even with a compliant media on message events on and off the field will be difficult to explain away.

Of course, the stenographers will do their best.

However, failure to beat Accies and Killie are a more accurate indicator of the realities down Ibrox way.

An obedient media does not come cheap, and I’m told that a recent invoice to a supplier had to be ‘bumped’ in order to make sure that the payment to the spin specialists was at the correct Level.

All football teams, if they can, try and emerge from a transfer window stronger regarding playing personnel.

TV pundit Chris Sutton recently characterised the centre-halves at Sevco as “horrendous”.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Admirable Warburton wanted Joleon Patrick Lescott Esq as his marquee signing.

Moreover, he thought he had a deal with the offshore chairman.

The failure by Sevco to secure Lescott’s services came down to hard cash.

The conflicting stories put out to cover this have, I think, been rather found out.

Glasgow too far away from Manchester for the family, but Athens is ok?

Lescott AEK


Failed medical?

Lescott BBC medical

Well, he appears to have made a remarkable recovery!

As regular readers here will know the real reason that Mr Lescott is not employed by Sevco is down to the amount he would have been paid in the second year of his contract.

If a stenographer wanted to pursue this story, then it could be stood up.

Of course, senior staff in the football department are bound contractual clauses apropos confidentiality, but there are ways and means.

Instead of Joleon Patrick Lescott Esq the defensive frailty at Sevco might be plugged by the lightening quick Philippe Senderos.

I can’t imagine that the ex-City trader is too happy about that.

Sad Warbo

It is undeniable that the four-year-old institution has had a rather gentle introduction to top flight football so far.

However, despite a benevolent early fixture card, at some point, they will have to play the stronger teams in the league.

Next up is the Champions.

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