The year of the share issue

Charles Green is the sort of guy that journalists dream about.

He is, as we say in the trade, ‘good copy’; eminently quotable and quick off the mark.

Charlie wasn’t slow to tell the world what he thought of the people in charge of the SFA and SPL last summer.

He was also very quick to inform us all about the success of the share issue, but why the silence since then?

In less than two weeks it will be the Chinese New Year.

The firecrackers will explode and the dragons will dance to tell the world that the year of the snake is upon us.

Could that be the time for Charlie to tell the stock exchange that some Asian backers decided to slither away?

The guys in the Square Mile do have rules about this of sort of thing.

As Charlie muses on the future of Sevco over a cuppa and a fortune cookie, he may be interested to know that the most common bit of business advice to emerge out of  that Chinese morsel is:

“You will be wise not to seek too much from others”

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