They’re Rangers till they die

I am told that there was something of a strange vibe in the Blue Room at Ibrox on Saturday.

Moreover, it didn’t have anything to do with the carnival atmosphere at Rugby Park.

My source said that the chat kept coming back to the possibility of a “NewCo” and whether or not these well-heeled Rangers men would pledge allegiance to it.

The consensus among these corporate Gers was that they could not support the new club as if it were the current one.

I was surprised at this, but perhaps that just further proves that this graduate psychologist doesn’t understand anything about human behaviour.

Perhaps I have just been paying attention to the wrong Rangers supporters. There could be a class difference in how this “NewCo” is viewed.

I simply don’t know.

These chaps in the Blue Room take their seats in the Director’s Box they, or their companies, pay a lot of money for that privilege.

Personally I think that once the blue jerseys run onto the field of play at Ibrox then the “New Rangers” will be supported like the old.

The example of Airdrie has been pointed out to me and their fall in home crowds after the new club was formed, but I don’t think that the same situation will play out at Ibrox.

No matter the negative view of such scenario in the Blue Room, a “NewCo” is the most likely outcome of the current crisis.

Every business journalists and insolvency expert I have spoken to has laid this out for me quite clearly.  The current bidders are most probably after the assets in a liquidation sale.

The current company just owes too much money to make it viable.

The ordinary fans continue to do what they can.

I believe that a cheque was handed over on Saturday for £15,000.

This, of course, won’t meet the cost of Duff & Phelps for a single day.

Of the three bidders only Paul Murray’s Blue Knights are emotionally connected to Rangers.

It is the denizens of the Blue Room that he needs to connect with if there is to be sufficient local corporate support to launch the new Rangers.

For it is pretty much a racing certainty that the old Rangers will soon die.

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