Time difference

I had not checked my time piece recently and consequently I had forgotten to switch it to Sevco Saving Time.

Therefore, I was surprised to find out this evening that it was, once more, Statement O’clock.

The subtext to this rather, let’s be frank, rather puzzling communique is the current cash crisis.

I think now it is rather redundant to use the term ‘The Three Bears’ in the present tense.

Any stenographer regurgitating this affectionate name for that trio really should check in with them first.

If they did then Mr Letham, Mr Park and Mr Taylor might put them right.

Even if they would not go on the record, the hacks should still be seeking out these three, yes, Real Rangers Men.

Let’s speculate that Mr David Cunningham arrived in Fair Caledonia recently to raise some much-needed finance from these chaps.

Alas, he was told by them that there would be no more ‘co-investing’.

It is true that there is a court-imposed gagging order on Mr King and the other RIFC directors from discussing the minutiae of their deal with Rangers Retail Limited (RRL).

However, there is no such impediment on the South African based entrepreneur from being open and on the record about his own plans to invest in the new club.

I do not know if Mr King’s statement was crafted for him by a PR professional.

However, if it was then that leads me to believe that they are not yet at the appropriate Level to be carrying out that type of work.

The reality is that Mr Ashley has bona fide contracts with the Ibrox club through RRL.

Moreover, it is hardly surprising that the New Regime cannot raise external finance from the traditional institutions when they adopt a cavalier attitude to the debts they already have.

Whatever time zone you are reading this in make no mistake.

Sevco is rapidly running of that precious commodity that clocks measure.

In fact now would be a really good time for Mr David Cunningham King to put some of his own money into the Ibrox club.

If he doesn’t then,  Planet Fitba might have to put the clocks back to February 2012.


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