Too cowardly to report. Too bigoted to believe.

Suddenly Scotland is remarkably well off for brave journalists.

The studios are full of dogged reporters who are calling out Mr Whyte.

The man described as a “Billionaire” by Keith Jackson of the Daily Record back in November 2010 is now a legitimate target for dogged reporting by the Scottish Sports Desks.

As well as re-writing their own role in this story, they are also attempting to alter the narrative of the origins of the Rangers fiasco.

The basis of Rangers’ terminal illness is not the nine months of Mr Whyte’s stewardship, but Sir David Murray’s two decades in charge.

With the arrival of the assessment for £24million in unpaid taxes in early 2010, the club was on borrowed time.

That calculation from the HMRC added £12million in interest charges they also sought penalties of £18 million.

The total bad news of £54 million was several times the liquidation value of the club.

It was also double the much publicised bank debt that had forced Lloyds Banking group to take effective control of Rangers.

Throughout this time, it was a constant battle to get any coverage of this into the Scottish media.

In early 2010 when I had the forensic facts of the “big tax case” I took it to the news editor of the News of the World Scottish edition.

A Cumbrian lad he immediately saw the news value in the story and his editor, also an Englishman, agreed.

The front page splash on Sunday 16th May of “Simply the bust” was classic News of the World stuff.

I now know that these headlines caused the only serious bidder to withdraw from talks to buy the club.

After that moneyed Rangers supporter pulled out, it was only chaps like Mr Ellis and Mr Whyte who were interested.

May 16th 2010 was, in hindsight, “job done” it was also National Famine Memorial day here in Ireland.

Which is where I came in…

The News of the World stories in May and June of 2010 are worth mentioning because of they are atypical of the coverage of this story throughout the period.

The main impulse of the sports desks of the major titles in Scotland was to play down the significance of this tax case thingy.

Anytime a sports hack was pressed on this story by a gleeful Celtic fan or a concerned Rangers fan the stock response was to claim ignorance and have a side swipe at online cranks.

The main objective of the sports desks is to have a steady diet of good news to satisfy their main demographic, Rangers supporters.

The tax case was not just bad news, but a death warrant for the club and meaning almost certain administration and possibly liquidation.

Had the back pages been full of this on a constant basis then there might have been an impulse for Rangers supporters to organise.

Of course, they didn’t preferring to wait on a new sugar daddy.

When they were told of Craig Whyte’s stealth wealth by Keith Jackson they believed what they wanted to believe.

Whyte’s time at the club was plagued by an anonymous blogger who de-constructed the spin often within hours of the PR guys handing out the back page headlines to the obedient hacks.

It gave me a smile to see a newspaper of the standing of the Guardian acknowledge the role of the RTC blog today.

Craig Whyte referred to the RTC blog as “99% crap” although usually the Rangers owner is much better at numbers.

The success of RTC is a case study in what Professor Roy Greenslade of the City University calls a “horizontalized journalism” although he concedes that it is an awful word!

Apart from the catalysing blog posts, often scooping the mainstream media in Scotland, RTC was and remains a gathering point for the inquisitive and the qualified.

From the original wakeup call in the News of the World in 2010 to the excavations of the RTC, the information was all there and, of course, on here too.

Rangers supporters could have been very well informed.

Today they will flock into Ibrox to show their support and their defiance, but it is all too late.

They cannot alter events, they are merely helpless spectators.

Their culture of deference and an addiction to Herrenvolk hubris made them easy targets for the fantasies being peddled by on message sports hacks.

The people they said were lying to them were actually telling them the truth.

The irony was that the Rangers support was very well informed about the danger to their club.

However they had issues that the information was coming from an anonymous blogger who is a self-confessed Celtic fan and by an, ahem, in-your-face-head-totally-above-the-parapet –Fenian-in Donegal is just too delicious.

Rangers supporters had the information to save their club.

However the sources of the information made them recoil from the narrative.

Instead they believed the fairy stories about billionaires.

Scotland DOES have very fine journalists.

News reporters and political correspondents shake their head at the antics of the denizens of the sports desks.

I spoke with one veteran “Pol Corr” yesterday and he jauntily assumed that the Scottish media would be b eating a path to my Donegal door.

When I told him that I had not received a single media request from Scotland he was genuinely shocked.

“That’s bizarre” he said.

I told him that I wasn’t in the least surprised.

When Celtic fans lambast Scottish journalism I always insert a caveat that the journalists they have experience of aren’t the cream of the crop.

Today in the Debt Dome the Rangers support will once more manifest a trait of their sub-culture that was a major part of their undoing.

Uncomprehendingly loyal they believed that the status quo will always deliver for them.

The Trailer Trash of a dead empire they aren’t the stuff  that rebellions are made of.

This could be the last time that the club formed in 1873 plays at their home ground.

Only a CVA can save them and that is in the balance.

There is not a ticket to be had and I would not be surprised if we hear of Fenian blood and Famines at Ibrox today.

However as their club bleeds out it was Fenian with Mayo DNA who warned them.

They couldn’t allow themselves to listen.

Little wonder that I allow myself a small smile today.

96 thoughts on “Too cowardly to report. Too bigoted to believe.

  1. 262 KubN

    Fenian is not a derogatory term.It was invented by the fenians themselves. It is simply used as a derogatory term by them. I look forward to hearing the chants of “Stevie Naistmith’s Hun Army” next season, assuming he or they are still around.

  2. tom

    Phil, I have been listening with interest to all the media
    sports journalists throughout the Rangers demise when a pundit
    made a statement off the cuff to the media panelist present Darrell King which registered in my mind. Mr King acknowledged his remark with the answer ‘you may not be far away’ The callers comment was that Rangers saviour will be a Governmental Departmet The City Of London Police. I find this a strange statement would you like to comment.

  3. Arthur Martin

    Hi Phil,
    I just want to thank you for your dogged pursuit of the truth and for helping bring about the calling to account of RFC.
    I was 5 years old and on my way to school when I was first called ” a dirty Fenian bastard “.
    Obviously at such a young age I had no idea what it meant but I soon learned as I grew older.
    Hopefully your admirable campaign will drive a nail into the coffin of establishment acceptance of bigotry in our society.
    I have a 10 year old son and it would sadden me that he, and maybe his sons or daughters, would have to live their lives out in this vile cultural cancer ridden country that is Scotland.
    Thanks again Phil, and yes it is true that ” the pen IS mightier than the sword”.

  4. David Lindsay

    Celtic fans use the word Fenian when singing about Paddy McCourt that’s ok?

    Rangers fans used it to describe a referee who made 2 huge honest mistakes against them?

    What is wrong with that?

    Also the word HUN seems to be getting used freely from the other fans of teams in spl but no mention of this?

    Why is that?

    1. PaulMc

      When Fenian is used by supporters of your club to describe someone they are using it in a derogatory and insulting manner. Why is this such a difficult concept for you to grasp?

      Hun has always been used as a form of dark humour, comparing Rangers fans with some sort of evil bogeyman. Not exactly pc, but hardly sectarian. This very recent and ridiculous campaign to have it labelled as such would appear to have been borne out of the frustration of finally having so many “folk songs” banned by the authorities. The timing does seem to match.

    2. PaulMc

      I do not use the term.

      It is only recently (last few years) that any complaints have been heard about this word. It is not sectarian. Maybe all those historians of the Roman empire when Attila and his horde of (insert “sectarian” term here) attacked. Or during the two World Wars, how wrong our granparents generations were to label the Germans with such a “sectarian” term.

      Some Celtic fans refer to Rangers fans as Orcs, is this to be regarded as sectarian now too? Perhaps we should picket cinemas when The Hobbit comes out and have J.R.R. Tolkien retrospectively labelled as a bigot?

      Or just maybe some people need to examine what sectarian language really is.

  5. Brian

    You were bang on the money Phil, I think many of us thought would happen too, extract from todays Independent;

    “The movement of people towards the stadium contained a subdued pride. It was the first occasion for the supporters to react en masse to the club falling into administration. The songs were familiar, but delivered with an edge. It was not wholly uplifting, though, and there was a rendition of the banned “Billy Boys”, with its lyric “up to our knees in Fenian blood”, during the first half. The stadium then chanted at the referee, Iain Brines, “Who’s the Fenian in the black?”

    These outbursts could lead to disciplinary action from the SPL, and they were a betrayal of the notion that the fans are doing their best for the beleaguered club. Those fans had come to prove their support, but instead succumbed to some old anti-Catholic sentiments, and so caused another self-inflicted blow.”

    If only we could read such straight forward honest reporting in The Record etc tomorrow….

    It was also interesting to listen to that pair of clowns Traynor and Young on Radio Scotland last night, saying that the only thing David Murray did wrong was to sell the club to Craig Whyte and that it was all his fault. Download the BBC Podcast if you have not heard it, its priceless. Then download the Off the Ball Sunday Supplement and listen to Stewart, Tam and Spiers slaughter that same pair for their defence of Murray. Its actually quite funny.

  6. steve-b

    Hi phil i wonder if you can take up the baton on this one , have any match oficials reported the sectarian singing at ibrox yesterday ? better still would uefa be interested?

  7. TJLBhoy

    Hi all, Haven’t seend this posted elsewhere but this exchange did really takeplace. Phil, surely this knocks into touch any notion of any newco formed if Rangers1873 fails to exist entering the SPL? They wouldn’t rewrite the rule book without letting us know? Would they?

    Jim Delahunt (JD) and Hugh Keevins (HK) on Radio Clyde. I am paraphrasing from memory, hence no inverted commas, but the jist of the story is 100% accurate.

    JD – Myself and few asked questions of the SPL today as a form of research for tonights show. The first question we asked was :- in the event of Rangers going into liqiudation and forming a newco what would happen?

    HK – We were told that a newco would have to gain membership of the SFA and the apply for membership of the SPL. This decision would be made by a five man committee. However…

    JD – In the SPL rulebook, rule h5 ( i’m be wrong with actually rule no but think this is correct TJL) it clearly states :- in the event of a SPL club going into liquidation during the course of a season there would be no relegation. Promotion from the other leagues would take place as normal leaving a gap in the lowest league for someone to apply for.
    It’s hard to believe we were giving an answer that was at odds with the actual rules we have in front of us printed in black and white HK?

    HK -Eh…..Well…. Ur…… nothing in this saga surprise me anymore.


    Well a lot surprises me HK for example you appearing to claim that your paper first broke the story of this two weeks ago! What would n’t surprise me is that an addendum to the rule book will appear in the future or a sudden clamour to increase the number of teams.



  8. Willie

    I watched the Rangers V Kilmarnock game on the net. Diabolical as they were, the comentators were even worse. We had one quoting Winston Churchill to fire up the armchair fans then he says they have come here from all over the world today to support their beloved Rangers. Next he waxes lirical telling us Oh they are doing the Bouncy Bouncy? Of course no mention of that in todays papers or their venomous bile.

    Have a listen to the Daily Rangers podcast where Trainer, Jackson et al hold court. The blame is shifting once more only this time it is lloyds Bankand Muirhead who are to blame.
    When question get to close for comfort Traynor cuts it off per usual. He did say Celtic are in discussion with other clubs to ensure Rangers do not get off lightly and suffer several years of point deductions but again he wants that to be lenient. Unbelieveble, Scottish football cant survive without Rangers. They were not saying that when they were supporting Murrays effort to take them into England. Rule Britania got big lick yesterday and it is still getting it.

  9. Timabhouy



  10. John bhoy

    Another great piece Phil. I have enjoyed your writing over the last year enormously. It’s been great to compare your take on these matters with the MSM as the story has developed and see that you have been correct every step of the way.
    Watching the MSM gradually being forced to start telling the truth with huge reluctance and then have the gonads to claim exclusives on months old stories has completely changed the way I look at the press. Is it any wonder that newspaper circulation is falling off a cliff?

  11. jimbonpaddy

    As predicted they revrted to type yesterday and their off field bile was directed at us. As you said ,Phil, this is exactly how the nazis worked. Get the people a scapegoat and they wont realise what or who the real problem is.
    We sing songs of joy and hope and they want to stand up to their knees in my blood. My hope is they get what they deserve ,but with the noises coming from the ‘Hearts’ fan who is First Minister I worry that the establishment will help them and we will have another 140 years of bile and bigotry and discrimination.

  12. droid

    How can a club who have defrauded the nation to nigh on one hundred of million pounds have such positive spin in the media in relation to being gubbed by a much better team on their home turf today?

    Not one mention of a biscuit tin when they are COMPLETELY unable to pay a bill.

    Faith and Hope have both proven to be of little succour now we wait to see if Charity turns her face away…..

  13. francois donnelly


  14. Manus

    Phil, can you confirm that HMRC have already issued rangers with a 50m ish tax bill, and the issue is that the boys in blue have appealed?

  15. cavanbhoy

    As a fresh faced sixteen year old in 1989 I took the big trip across the Irish sea to see the famous Celtic. Having heard all the stories of the Lisbon lions. I could’nt wait to go. We played Everton in a pre-season friendly and as I walked out to the Celtic end in Parkhead my mouth dropped a crowd of 40 or fifty thousand just for this game I think it was 2-2 (forgive if I’m wrong). Before this I thought I was a Celtic fan and I was but this was my moment the moment when I realised this was more than a soccer club this was a culture a religion a community that I loved. This is what our club is we would die for our club we were at deaths door but wee Fergus helped save us and we are thankful we struggled but we struggled honestly I still done the trip every other weekend but it was hard and all these times these bastards were cheating how hard is that to take? LET THEM ROT IN HELL WE DON’T NEED THEM.

  16. Brian

    Hi Phil
    can you look into why the administrator signed the application for cousin to sign for Rangers. Surely as administrators there is somethin fishy here???

  17. Smudge

    Well they didn’t let us down today in more ways than one.

    From the match report in The Scotsman,(Andrew Smith)

    “..After the Papac sending off followed by the McCulloch disallowed header, acceptable singing was heard.” – “it didn’t last long though. Soon they spat out ‘Fenian Bastards in their Super Rangers ditty, following that up with “Billy Boys”, with their “up to the knees in Fenian blood” phrase that is proscribed in the SPL’s acceptable conduct charter and landed them in bother with UEFA.”

    Needless to say, no mention in the Scotsman article of an interview or quote from Strathclyde Police Match Commander.

    No problem, they are the establishment. Every reasonable person knows that Celtic and the rest of Scottish Football cannot do without them.

  18. David

    Phil, I may be slow on the uptake but this ‘new overnight information’ that I heard about earlier, is it really possible that the club’s new ownership was secured for the £1 plus other funds (to pay the bank etc) which were, in fact, already club funds — and more seriously future funds, as in not yet earned, from the sale of season tickets? A short-term loan secured by company A contributes to paying part of the buying deal (e.g. paying existing club debt) then sometime later when the deal is done, the ‘mortgaging’ of future season ticket sales is paid to company A, which is now in a position to amortize the original short-term loan. Like the ball and cups trick?

  19. bills

    unlike many of my fellow rangers fans i was never under any illusion about the mess my team was in. My issue though is with the vast amounts of money much larger companies than Rangers have been permitted to walk away from what they owe HMRC 1 rule for all now that’s an equal society. If those who were let off last year by HMRC paid up it would keep a good few Nurses & Teachers in employment.

    1. G Mason

      It is an accepted fact that there is anything up to 120 billion in taxes not collected every year.

      That means that for every pound that goes uncollected 99.995 pence is nothing to do with Rangers so why no crusade about this fact?

      Could it be our green tinted glasses wearing friends would not be interested in this blog if it did not involve slaughtering Rangers?

  20. Thekwizatshaderach

    “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act”
    George Orwell

    “Being in a minority, even in a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

    “And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed—if all records told the same tale—then the lie passed into history and became truth. ‘Who controls the past’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

  21. Bhuuelel bh

    Well done Phil. You,RTC and CQN have led the field. I just wonder how long it will be until the Rangers supporters with any level of intellect will ask the question, why were we duped for so long?

  22. weeandybhoy

    Great article once again Phil.

    On a more worrying note, I read Celtic Quick News yesterday & was very concerned with the points raised regarding the SFA, SPL & Scottish government & the possibility of rangers receiving the paltry 10 point deduction & that’s it.

    The article seemed to indicate the huns were possiby going to get financial help from the government or HMRC are effectively being asked to wipe the debt.

    On the CQN website, they give Stewart Regan’s & Michel Platini’s e-mail address, to give folk the opportunity to pass on their opinions relating to the current ‘mess’.

    My e-mail to regan’s already away & I would urge as many people to do the same & state to these folk – you allow rangers to get away with this & the Scottish game will die as a result of supporters walking away from the game in disgust.

  23. Swatchy

    Aye the bhoy done well….have really enjoyed reading your site, that with the RTC and the Scots Law Thoughts site with Paul McConville has truly put the sports desk hacks well and truly to shame….the brass neck of people like Keevins, Traynor, Jackshun, Chick Dung et al is truly astonishing….well done mate….what will you do with your time now that the hun is nearly deed….hail hail

  24. Joe miller

    Listening to the game today I heard the following songs:
    “billy boys”, “no surrender”, “the sash”, “who’s the Fenian in the black” and “stand up if you hate Neil Lennon”. Do you, like myself expect to open tomorrows news papers and read about how good the 50,000 fans were, how electric the atmosphere was blah blah blah! And to make it even more embarrassing we have had to listen to Scottish MP’s all week describing how their beloved rangers are part of the fabric that make up this fine country.
    P.s really enjoying your column, wish I had found it ten months ago!
    Well done! Respect!

  25. Pete Rankin

    Phil – kudos for what you’ve done and what you’re doing. It takes guts to keep telling the truth when you’re shouted down so much. Keep telling it like it is, some of us ARE listening and taking notice.

  26. Padraig O'Murnane

    Top 4 in the SPL in reverse order…Hearts, Motherwell, Rangers, Celtic….or if you prefer letter form…HMRC.
    Spooky or what!

  27. Brendan

    Hi Phil,

    All power to you, I actually heard Huge Keevins on Radio Clyde talk about this story last night, being a result of dogged Scottish journalism or words to that effect. I don’t think he had you in mind.

    I was driving home from work, I nearly left the road….

    I say again there are few sports journalists worthy of the name in Scotland, Graham Spiers being one of the few I can listen to, even though I think he had become a tad entrenched of late….

    Most have failed their brethern

    In you sir we have a proper journalist, don’t know how it must feel when nondescripts claim glory for your work, in here we know the truth, hopefully your over-riding sensation is one of quiet contentment…


    1. wingman

      Great work Phil.

      I am aslo not surprised that the Scottish MSM have left you out of their game. Their loss.

      Listening to Hugh on Clyde tonight, I had to switch off. His version of the Rangers story breaking
      simply beggars belief.

      Keep it up.

      You have done a fantastic job.

      As one of the Rangers fans stated earlier this week ” That’s the bottom line”.

    2. Andybhoy

      I remember the day speirs fell into line,,for weeks he was talking about ,,yeh,,in the 60s and 70s Celtic got a raw deal with the refs,,you could say they were anti Celtic and giving rangers decisions..and then one night on SSB Clyde,,he went in to full reverse,,I’m not saying the refs were biased or had it in for Celtic and all that,,I think his editor had a word in his shell like..ATTENTION.

  28. Graeme

    Phil, while you and RTC have undoubtedly contributed to and to some extent (some contributions have been wide of the mark) led the debate over Rangers troubles I take issue with your tone. You are quick to label as bigots and racists anyone who has the audacity to suggest you’re not really Irish but you have no issue with calling fifty thousand people from various backgrounds (although predominantly Scottish and protestant) “the trailor trash of a dead empire”. Some sensitive soles would think those comments motivated by bigotry and racism. I’m not at the game today although I have friends and family that are. They are most definitely not trailor trash and they could not give two hoots about the history of the British Empire. Triumphalism is generally something Rangers fans are accused of…

    1. jasbhoy

      Of course Graeme, it wisnae them it was Chelsea fans AGAIN, the offensive singing was clearly heard, and whilst none of them would tell anyone they were doing the singing, it seemes a helluva majority were belting out the bile and sectarian venom.

    2. Graeme

      The singing on Saturday was utterly inevitable. Just because there has been less singing at the ground over recent years doesn’t mean there is any less on buses, in clubs etc. That will take time. The siege mentality was always going to bring it out as a big GIRUY. Incidentally we saw a similar thing last year when Lennon was attached by the bampot with the rubbish beard at Hearts – in unison the whole Celtic end started chanting about the IRA. However, suggestions that the singing hasn’t been reported in the Scottish media are just lazy rubbish. I don’t read a daily paper but it was on the front of the Herald yesterday and was also covered in the Sunday Mail. I didn’t see any of the other Sundays.

  29. Shim

    Phil I read with interest (online) the coverage by the DR of Neil Lennon’s comments on the Rangers situation and how if it comes out in the wash that they won trophies whilst effectively cheating by not paying their taxes he would have more to say. Not paying taxes is illegal. You and I would go to jail if we were not paying our taxes and rightly so. There would be no avenue for a CVA or a pennies in the pound deal for you or I, it would be pay up or else face the consequences of your wrongdoing. You would be publicly humiliated and pay the appropriate penalty. Why, oh why, is everyone from politicians to the entire MSM trying to swing them a deal ? Neil Lennon is spot on. For those losing their jobs we should feel sorry for them, its not their fault. For those taking the decisions who goes and who stays I genuinely dont envy them. However, those found culpable have to pay for the mess they have created through their greed and arrogance. The football club should be stripped of any footballing credits gained whilst they were taking advantage of any such wrongdoing titles, cups, etc. Journos arent being brave they are just pandering to a wounded and embarrassed support. I wonder if they’ll be brave enough to call for the stripping of such footballing credits as well as for the heads of those responsible for the “cheating” in the first place. I wonder ?

  30. Stewie Griffin

    You only have to listen to the radio phone ins to hear the rewriting of history. Listening to the Rangers-Killie game just now, Mr Keevins et al are almost in tears.

  31. Tommy

    Hi Phil
    another excellent read you are correct it is utterly utterly cringeworthy listening /reading the Scottish press/media over the last 5/6 days.
    Thankfully caller after caller to phones ins etc are hammering home the message RANGERS CHEATED,you,me and every citizen by not paying PAYE,NI’s or VAT- as clown after clown (you know who they are) try to inform us how the gers will be ok,one caller to Radio Scotland summed it up by saying Scotland (and he was referring to its politicians) had lost its Moral Compass,a guy from the RBS was entitled to a 1 million bonus and the media wanted him hung,drawn and quartered Murray and Whyte on the other hand collectively have stolen in excess of 60 million ,but we have to find away out fir the Peeples club stomach turning

    I pray the next few weeks,months sees the on their knees before Obliteration commences.

    Once again thank you for your outstanding work.

  32. gedbhoy

    Fantastic phii, u can be a very proud man I followed the comings n goings after stumbling ovr you on the web on my phone technophobe that I am , you have done a great job in this instance a I will be referenceing you in the future more power to you, these shisters in Scotland are shown up for what they are ….

  33. colshbhoy

    Phil do you mean the etablishment will come through fir there own regardless of the cheating and foul play that we have put up with for many years. Msm trying to deflect from the real issue have rangers flouted the rules to their own benifit. I have not seen anyone asking this question from msm and it applies to every team in the spl. all we are hearing is how can rangers be saved.

  34. TheBlackKnight

    Phil. I cordially extend a phrase from the RTC bloggers (c. Hugh McEwan)

    Chapeau sir!

    You, RTC, CQN, Scotzine, among a select few of “online meddlesome bloggers” have brought this issue to the fore.

    May the road always rise to meet you!

  35. Celtic man

    I feel the Rangers fans could be split today. Some still ‘beleiving’ and others seeing throught the sham that is Craig Whyte. Wouldnt be surprised in the slightest if there was in-crowd trouble.

  36. Vincent

    Phil, top class, as always.
    In my view, the initial move by Mr McFall, ex Treasury Committee, to force another form of QUANGO ‘establishment’ i.e. the Financial Services Authority to ‘clarify’ certain issues regarding Mr Whyte’s acquisition of RFC, should be rigorously pursued. These FN useless parasites do NOTHING to earn their salaries (and bonuses, as they’re nearly all ex-bankers). However, they are in a position to expose and bring to some form of justice, the slippery character, Mr Whyte.

    1. jasbhoy

      Not forgeting the slippiest of all Murray, it seems it’s OK for him to go to ground but not his patsy, the huns are so so gullible, they do not deserve a truthful media.

  37. jakeyrollin

    I think you are being too kind to the Scottish media Phil and I think the Rangers fans arrogance knows no bounds. They knew, they all knew, but success blinds them to all ills.

    1. Andy B

      Rangers should pay any taxes due! The uk needs it especially when we insist in handing away billions bailing out other economiews. e.g Ireland

  38. Allyjambo

    Hopefully, Phil, someone like Mark Daly will do a piece for the BBC highlighting the part played by the internet newshounds, as it’s obvious no journalist connected to any of the newspapers, that chose so blatantly to avoid the story, would dare to try to have it printed. Even now, with the cat well and trully out the bag, the general thrust of the media is to believe, and support, every statement, from whoever, that things will work out alright in the end for Rangers. By doing that, of course, they continue to sell papers to their devoted public, while continuing to give false hope to a blinkered support. Keep it up, Red Tops, you’re doing a grand job.

  39. Celtic Rebel

    Phil,of all the blogs that you have posted,and by God you have posted a lot,I reckon this is the best article yet. An end of an Empire just like the Romans,they never thought it would ever end,good riddance to Glasgow Rangers.

  40. Mark

    I can’t believe so many of my fellow Celtic fans want us to join the english league. Where’s the loyalty to our country? Surely now is a great opportunity for celtic to represent Scotland proudly in Europe. Regular European nights will provide a sufficient replacement for the rangers games. Even if the english FA and member clubs allowed us to join division 3, are you going to watch us play oldham on TV, let alone travel to these games? Get a reality check. Apart from us having no right to be so arrogant to think we should go straight into the premiership – we won’t – it would mean we won’t have earned the right to compete for the title when other clubs had to fight their way up. And be assured we’ll be reminded of it by the other clubs. And remember the rest of the football world will see us as an English team so don’t be moaning about it. For me, chasing the short lived money in England is no substitute for having a more financially modest but well run club that would have a much better chance to go further in europe and earn the corresponding revenue. This surely can provide Celtic and Scotland with a stronger football foundation for the longer term. Celtic has a wonderful chance to establish ourselves in Europe again and be Scotland’s footballing ambassadors.

    1. Gav

      Im with you on this one Mark. I hate the commercial beast that the English league has become. 70% of the clubs who play in it will fold if and when the TV money dries up.
      We are a Scottish club with proud Irish roots, we have no history or allegiance with English football. It has taken us 125 years to achieve a level playing. We have flourished in spite of the forces allied against us and are now first among equals.
      Scottish football will now flourish. The orcs, in whatever form they may exist, will never again be able to cheat,lie, cajole or bully any of the so called lesser clubs.
      Prior to Souness and Murray the four top teams in Scotland were Aberdeen, Celtic, Dundee Utd and the Diet Orcs. The league was healthier than it had been for years. Big spending Rangers killed Scottish football as the others couldn’t keep up. We need Rangers to survive???? It was they who almost killed Scottish football

  41. Michael McKernan

    Once again another great article. Friend was telling me of online plans of rangers fans invading the pitch at Celtic Park the next time we play them…hopefully for the last time. Nothing would surprise me.

  42. Allan Borwick

    Have read your blog since the first mutterings of trouble for “them” wasnt sure if it was all going to end the way you and RTC suggested but so far you have been right on the money, hopefully your final forecast for the other team comes to fruition.

    Enjoy that smile, you deserve it, you’ve given all of us so great big belly laughs recently.

  43. David Owen

    What a great piece Phil and I don’t mind saying that the sweet taste in my mouth is a result that YOU unearthed all of this. This must be hard to swallow for rangers fans aka scottish media now attempting to take some sort of credit that YOU reported on many months ago. Take a bow Mr Mac Giolla Bhain.

  44. tambutnotbam

    CVA only in the balance Phil ?

    That concerns me.

    I had thought that a CVA was impossible as HMRC policy is not to do pennies in the £ deals.

    1. sprisahania

      I would disagree that politcal pressure has any bearing to HRMC approving a CVA.

      Its not really in HMRCs interests to see Rangers liquedated. 10% of £54 million is a hell of a lot more than the square root of F all.

      To suggest that HMRC don’t generally do pence in pound deals is wrong also. They aprove almost 3 quarters of CVA proposals given to them.

      It make little difference anyway. Rangers are screwed.

    2. jasbhoy

      The HMRC have knocked back several offers of deals, and much has to do with the intransigence of Rangers, well after keeping another £9m over the past year it would be crass to presume HMRC would now do a deal, they want to make a statement of intent, and luckily for us, the huns are to be for the high jump.

  45. Lee Harvey Oswald

    Phil your forensic work on this debacle has been nothing short of magnificent, I agree that to blame all Scottish journalists is disingenuous, it’s the bloated hacks at the sports desks who shoulder all the blame, yourself and RTC have shown the way forward. Next time I’m in your neighbourhood there’s a pint behind the bar waiting for you.

    1. jasbhoy

      I was told last night that they may not be able to fulfil the March pay roll, in fact it could have been the reporting of Phil’s tweet.

  46. KevinTheBhoy

    Phil, you should be proud of the work you have done here. So resolute and tenacious. A colossal body of work that puts some of our sports journalists to shame. They believed because they wanted to believe…

  47. greenallover

    Spot on as usual phil.To see the Daily Record’s attack on Whyte is now frankly laughable.Throw in the broadcast media,with radio phone-ins the worst,and all the parts of the puzzle fit.I have yet to hear or see any mention of yourself, or the tax case blog,in any of the press”exclusives”.Even now a huge amount of Rangers fans seem to think all is well,dont panic,ally says it’s fine.Some are convinced Rangers will walk away from this debt free next year with new investors ready to resume their place as “The Peepil”.Today’s show of support will be akin to some kind of Hitler-Esque mass hypnosis,aide,of course,by the media.Lets see how many Rangers songs are sung today, as opposed to songs about a three hundred year old skirmish and their knee’s being drenched in blood.Congratulations on a much needed job being excellently done.

  48. jimbonpaddy

    I suspect the cry at 3.00 will be ‘No Surrender’.But they did a long time ago, when they allowed Sir D to dupe them and the collaborators of the scottish press to make them believe they were invincible. Where is his tenner now?
    Whyte is only phase two of the same con.They need to get off their knees and do something postive. Not look for scapegoats amongst HMRC and Celtic support. They need to look inside their own club and ask who created this mess . Why were they allowed to get away with it? Who let them get away with it? And then they need to look in the mirror.

  49. WorriedScot

    Remarkable, professional journalism. The Truth will out, by what ever means. All this exposed skullduggery sadly reminds us what a sick little country Scotland has become, since it was abandoned to the purveyors of the ‘Beloved Hatred.’ Albeit that some little sparkles remain of it’s once true pure and happy soul… the contented Isle of Barra, as an example.

    This really is a huge story for Scotland, it is on the scale of God himself announcing that the results of the Battle of the Boyne and of Culloden, have been declared null and void. There seems to be an incredible rushing through the veins, nervous system and immune system of this little country by it’s ruling Protestant, Orange and Masonic establishment to defend and protect it’s corrupted soul, in order that the Beloved Hatred may flourish.

    We can only hope that one day we will live in a Scotland which is truly in tune with fairness, equality, respect and inclusiveness for all it’s citizens, and we can all be proud of a common identity. If the dying corrupted corpse of RFC is saved by the establishment, like giving the Frankenstein monster a nourishing bolt of lightning, then I fear that Scotland is doomed for a few generations more.

    1. albannach-éireannach

      Well reported, Phil.
      Thank you for compensating for the imbalance, though surprise would not grip me were, as WorriedScot voices his concern, a thrill of all things very wrong juddered seismically in the Establishment.
      Days of joy and uncertainty on the horizon.

  50. Scottsman78

    It’s like a perfect storm of social ignorance, arrogance and unwavering but ill-informed loyalty. Too beautiful to be true. Scottish sports journalists are the member of public who didn’t pass his suspicions or evidence to the police and the Rangers fan is the suicide bomber of his own club and it’s twisted ideology. Remember Hitler in the bunker? Don’t tell him we’re losing the war or he’ll go off his f**king nut!

  51. Tom

    Hi Phil, I penned this wee ode yesterday..thought it might raise a few smiles for your readers?

    Hectors Ode (or is that owed??)

    Would you like a penny to spend in the arcade?
    Or maybe you could just apply for good ol’ Christian Aid?
    Craigy Boy has stitched you up – all you Ibrox men,
    for every fiver that you lose, he will pocket ten.

    Now as you buy your season books in the next year or three,
    remember that your football team see nothing of that fee.
    And if you buy a Rangers shirt or a burger at the game,
    the profits will go elsewhere and Murray is to blame.

    So years of soiled titles, the leagues and cups and more,
    will crash around your ears now cos there’s no more 54.
    You stole your Sovereigns money, you robbed the people blind,
    And if there’s justice in this world you’ll now be left behind.

    Now much as I’d be gutted if I were a Rangers fan
    When the boot was on the other foot you were laughing to a man.
    When Fergus pulled us from the brink you must have cried in pain,
    but unlike you we did not cheat to make immoral gain.

    So please forgive us Rangers if we chuckle for a while,
    please try to understand us when we crack that knowing smile.
    With Jelly and with Ice Cream we will party and make noise,
    cos Hector will soon silence those cheatin’ Bill Boys.

  52. Stuart

    Another very written piece but do I detect a small drop in your previous confidence that Rangers will go to the wall?

  53. John Clements

    If ever we needed reminding how compliant the Scottish media are then this whole affair left us in no doubt. Rangers held the power over the media similar to the way Rupert Murdoch held the power over Politicians. Exception, oor Phil.

  54. Paul Bradley

    Good little read that. Amazed that you have not very recently been to the fore in the print/TV media on this one as “the man that broke the story”. I think however your time will come. Well done to you Phil and long may the story continue to be so well reported by you.

    It will very interesting to see how the Ibrox hordes behave this afternoon and if as expected they don’t behave what the SPL subsequently do about it.


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