Tough times ahead for Sevco?

I was slightly irked when the publisher of Downfall asked me to write a postscript.

I had submitted the manuscript and I thought my work was done.

However, now I am glad that he insisted upon it.

Although the book was a look back, the postscript was an attempt at seeing what might be ahead for Sevco.

When I looked at the financial stability of the new club with an SPL wage bill surviving on Division 3 revenues then I didn’t think the future was all that rosy.

I wrote that:

“An insolvency event for the new club would, of course, be beyond parody.”

By now the piece by Jon Pritchett in Forbes has bounced all around the Fitba internet.

His prognosis for Sevco is not good.

“Unless some major, systemic changes occur within the current configuration of UK and European football leagues, I don’t think the Rangers math works.”

He paints a gloomy picture.

Moreover, it is sketched by a North American business man who thinks only in terms of the numbers.

OldCo became insolvent over a long period of time and he sees the same fate for NewCo unless radical action is taken.

The austerity programme he prescribes would hobble even the efforts of Sevco’s inspirational and tactically astute manager to produce success on the field of play.

“It’s time to cut the fat from every department and rebuild an organisation that values every pound and demands a return on all expenses. If Charles Green is not willing to face the fans, explain the economics and risk the torrent of abuse in the short term, Rangers will shortly be back in the same place.”

Of course a question mark can be placed over Pritchett’s analysis because his data maybe out of date.

However, the fact that this piece has been published in Forbes by someone who had a backstage pass to the Duff & Phelps online Data Room should have the Scottish hacks looking closely at Sevco’s financial health.

If they REALLY wanted to find out they should be using their sources inside the SFA to get a glance at the business plan that Charlie and the boys gave to the chaps on the 6th floor at Hampden.

However, that might yield up more bad news for the Ibrox klan and that might hit circulation.

Of course the publicly funded BBC doesn’t have those commercial worries.

Perhaps it will soon be time for Ramsay to take another call from Mark Daly.

The Postscript finishes with:

“There was something rotten in the state of Planet Fitba.”

There still is…

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