Transfer business, Resolution 11 and the accidental gardener

It would appear that the bad news just keeps coming for Sevco.

I understand that the Admirable Warburton now knows the situation apropos the January transfer window.

Wage neutral, no transfer fees and no signing on fees.

My understanding is that if he sells a player, or rather a player is sold by the Sevco High Command, then any monies brought in might be given to him.

However, that will be at the Board’s discretion, and he has been told that.


There might be a couple of loan deals coming in.

Of course, these temporary acquisitions will be hailed by the stenographers as world class captures.

For the avoidance of doubt, The People will believe it all.

They always do if the messenger sends out the appropriate dignity signals.

Charles Green Belfast


It is beyond debate that the Sevco High Command desperately need Resolution 11 to be passed.

I have been told this by several knowledge folks including Rugger Guy.

Now, it would have been remiss of the chaps in the Blue Room not to have made sure that their ducks were in a row on this one.

My understanding is that they thought the Easdale block would NOT vote on Resolution 11.

In fact, it now appears that the Sevco High Command’s entire strategy was based on the Easdales Doing Walking Away on Resolution 11.

Today the Daily Radar is running with a story that Resolution 11 has fallen, and it was, in fact, Super Salary who did the Walking Away.

Oh dear.

I hope that isn’t true as The People do love Mr McCoist.

To read the comments about him on Follow Follow today made me rather sad.

The only good news on the horizon for The People at the moment is that Sevco  does not play Celtic until the end of the year.

I’m sure Brendan Rodgers and his Bhoys are trembling at the prospect.

For those of ye who prefer your schadenfreude Ibrox flavoured these are great days.


48 thoughts on “Transfer business, Resolution 11 and the accidental gardener

  1. Whatever it takes - Dave King

    Regardless of any final signed agreements Joey had with the holding company vehicle before leaving, it appears to most independent observers that this guy was suffering deliberate, designed, constructive dismissal.

    He was under immense pressure, including heaped on by a TRFC partisan press corps, and the singularly shocking treatment of training with the development boys.

    Any reasonable magistrate would set aside any final agreement if Joey were to sue for his lost contract value. Agreeing TRFC terms to get out of there under mental duress is completely understandable.

  2. Rumpole of the Bailey

    Surely Mr Charles Green must be contacted by the media (even hospital bedside) for comments on the second failed attempt at share issue.

    How does he feel about his beloved club he started in 2012? About its cash difficulties and rampant debt?

    Did he see it coming? Is he at a loss with this Board who usurped his preferred Easdale led Board? Can he see a turnaround of financial performance?

    How does he feel about Mr McCoist not even bothering to vote?

    Does he regret insisting Mr McCoist win SFL Div3 AND a diddy cup was too much?

    Surely Sky Sports could deploy emotionally invested Mr White?

  3. Maureen Luby

    Someone asked about the statistics for home and away games in the Scottish Cup. Someone posted a jpeg on my FB earlier but I’m unable to copy and paste it. Anyway, it shows Celtic Homes – 3, Aways – 19. Aberdeen Homes 10, Aways 12. Hearts Homes 15, Aways 7. Sevco Homes16, Aways 6.

    1. There is NO Old Firm


      Good work, thanks.
      Astonishing, Unbelievable, Incredible, CORRUPT!!
      Very unlikely to have happened without some jiggery-pokery going on.
      Could be an idea for a board game / half-time fund raiser for Sevco to fleece the gullibles of even more of their dole money.
      They pay, let’s say £5 a go. There’s 44 balls (to represent 22 ties), half marked H, half marked A.
      All balls are identical in size, weight and completely smooth texture. They are placed in a large
      non – see through sphere with a top opening only wide enough to allow a ball held on a sucker on the end of a stick to pass through.
      The first daftie to get the same result as Celtic H-3, A-19. or Sevco H-16, A-6. wins £1million.
      I suspect the game would never pay out!


  4. Veritas

    SFA and SPL must be sh#####g themselves now that a second tour of duty round the lower leagues beckons for their pet club and will be doing everything possible a la 2011/ 12 to help save the day .

    IF ever an opportunity existed it is now for the CFC board to quietly tell the SFA and SPL that they will call off the RES 12 dogs and SR etc get to keep their jobs …but the quid pro quo is as follows ,
    1 you 100% do your duty this time round and enact FFP and tell TRFC in no uncertain terms no Europe for next 2 years at least as they don’t qualify
    2 LNS is set aside : IF HMRC finally win big tax case all titles from 98 removed from SFA records
    If HMRC lose case All titles removed for wee tax case related years and players

    If they don’t play ball they tell them they will back the Requisitioners 100% . SR / ND will get fired and CFC with Aberdeen and Hearts support will force through all the other stuff anyway!

    Time to start seriously start squeezing some private parts !

  5. sligojoe

    As I’ve stated here before Phil, my favourite flavour of shadenfraude is definitely IBROX.

    Great days indeed. And, Santa has still to make his much anticipated visit.

    May the farce continue to be with us.

  6. Zeddy

    Personally I think it’s a travesty that people who have to make important decisions have their names outed in public……

    What do you think Supper sorry I mean Super ??

    1. Hoots

      ‘I have here a few bits of blank paper with the names of dozens of others who could have voted but couldn’t be arsed.

      The ink is invisible, in case we have to give them to the administrators soon.’

  7. There is NO Old Firm

    Surprise, surprise…..Sevco get home tie v Motherwell in Scottish Cup. Only SPFL tie so likely to get TV money too.
    The utterly shameful SFA need jailed.

    1. Eugene Hendrie

      Another home tie indeed!!! This is surely now becoming an issue and as TINOF rightly says an attractive game for TV. Does someone know the % of home ties Sevco have had since they first trotted out at Glebe Park all those (four) years ago?

    2. michaelcraven1

      Agreed,they that know no ‘Shame’.
      Point for a post answered yesterday,IF the clubs can reorganise themselves and start a new governing body,then WHY do their fans not insist on it.Fans from their own clubs stopped the sfa sliding ‘them’ slyly back into the SPL,so can the same actions not start a revolt.And surely then we ALL can benefit from a totally transparent and even-handed governing body.

      1. There is NO Old Firm


        Nothing to do with the match being “attractive” to tv, it’s just more blatant “brotherly love” to ensure there are some extra funds heading into DK’s…..I mean Sevcos’ empty pockets. These farcical cup draws need to move to a non-contact set up where the balls are selected by a blindfolded member of the public, wearing welders gauntlets and using tongs.
        They constantly get home ties against the worst of the best opposition left in the competition so the tv brothers can justify their decision to broadcast them, “spfl, tie of the round” blah blah blah, whilst we are continually drawn away to utter nobodies like E.K., Albion, QoS etc. thereby reducing our earnings both at the gate and no tv money.
        Action needs to be seen to be taken very soon to clear out the current incumbents at the SFA who constantly prove they are not up to the job.

        Michael…..Good shout on the need for transparency. My own view is that the current lot couldn’t be transparent in an X-ray.
        Previous space wasters at the SFA couldn’t keep themselves off tv or out of the papers, even if it was, indeed usually was, just to spout garbage. Filthy little cheat Farry always had plenty to say until Fergus sorted him out for example. Walker also loved a camera. Although the present lot appear to mostly talk nonsense when they do appear “well to all intents and purposes therefore, it’s the same club”, Ahhaaahahhaaahhaaaaa! we are still entitled to hear what they are doing for the clubs……and that’s CLUBS plural!
        I think it’s a bit of a race to see who goes first, Regan, Doncaster etc. or their beloved pet joke Sevco. Perhaps a nice double whammy if UEFA wake up and think “Hang on a minute, what in the name of corrupt football governance is going on here”?

    3. jimlarkin


      . . . I read somewhere that the cup draw (-v-Motherwell) is their 6th CONSECUTIVE home
      Cup game!?

      What odds will I get for betting on them getting a home game next round in whatever the cup competition is?

      (Maybe Ralph T is in on it too) ?

      1. Pat Nevins' Barnet

        Always seem to get a ‘favourable draw’
        Must just be ‘newcomers luck ‘ eh?

        If it was roulette and you picked 6 reds in s row you could be rather well off!

        The odds on their next one being at home is still only 50:50… The probability of getting 6 homes one after another however is fairly astronomical !

        I’m sure it MUST be all above board and honest … No?

        Maybe their trying to get 10 in a row!

      2. There is NO Old Firm


        I’m not a punter at all mate, in fact, the only time I was ever in a bookies in my life was when Mrs. TINOF worked in one and I picked her up at finishing time.
        However, I have a brother who is not very well liked by Messrs Hill, Power, Coral etc. and he assures me that some sort of £10 bet on their run of home draws since 2013 would have got him a nice new car at least!



  8. The Beekeeper

    One thing Alistair McCoist is not, he is not a idiot, everything he does such as the facial expressions,(and he has put together some beauties) and the statements, such as “we dont do walking away” were all part of playing to the gallery and woeing the audience, when it suited him of course, finally maybe just finally the sons of sevco had seen through him and the penny has dropped (watch it disnae hit you on the back of your head when you go to pick it up Ally),.
    Sally first and foremost looks after Sally, not for him investing his childrens inheritance in TRFC like Dave King.

    Happy Happy Days
    HAIL HAIL and God bless Brenden

  9. joe mccormack

    If indeed Res 11 has failed then the lines between Edmiston Drive and Jo’burg must be red hot.

    Is it not the case that someone will have to underwrite any future share offer before a share issue can take place?
    Who in their right minds would take that on board? Wonga rates would be applied which would cream off a substantial sum from the uptake and for sure Ibrox would have to be offered up as security…..if there is no impediment to that!
    The auditors have signed off on the accounts with a going concern note. Does the Res 11 issue impact on future cash flow forecasts and if so where does that leave Campbell Dallas?

    1. sligojoe


      Depending upon how Ashley’s action goes at the end of the week, that too could have a serious impact on future cashflow forecasts. The WIFI folk would be in a stronger position if the were to revist the ringfencing of some £300k they are claiming.

      Where does ALL of this leave Campbell Dallas?

  10. Peter

    Phil; quick update. Newco have issued a statement that the Resolution did indeed fail as they only got 74.6% of the voting shares. No wonder they jumped all over the jolly gardener! Apparently his 1.25% was part of the 18.5% that weren’t allowed to vote or couldn’t be Arsenaled! He obviously fell into the latter category.

    Any chance you can ask your Rugger friend as to what this means for a loss making business company with no credit line from any lending institution? Cheers and thanks as always for the lamb free updates.

  11. Pat Nevins' Barnet

    The ‘Stockbroker’s’ response to the question about Joey Barton was a micro-moment encapsulating just about everything that defines the deluded , denialist, self-important , ‘why us?’ Sevconian mentality…

    Q – was the signing of Mr Barton a good idea.

    To respond with the old cliched response of ” hindsight being a wonderful thing” is not just a blunt and rehearsed response for the ‘peepul with shares’ but betrays the ignorance and stupidity of those very listeners , the SMSM and the speaker himself .

    Anyone …. anyone… In the whole of the U.K. and above the age of 12 who needs the benefit of hindsight to know that there just might be some ‘bother to come ‘ if Joey Barton was signed to any football club ( let alone a perennially troubled one, well 4 years anyway) with troubles on and off the pitch – needs their LOAF looked at!

    Sevco must be rightly proud to have such a man at the helm!

    1. Eugene Hendrie

      In my opinion the Barton fiasco was the direct result of Warburton being out of his depth. Barton I’m sure would of caused as much grief at his previous clubs only to be reigned in by proper man management with a kick in the arse being behind closed doors. Imagine how the cardigan would of dealt with the situation. Warburton seems very thin skinned and is often very prickly when interviewed after a poor result. Long may he reign.

  12. Peter

    My understanding of shares issues is a little vague. From what I had read, King can still issues shares, but only up to the amount that has been currently authorized and unused. Where it gets a little fuzzy for me is around any new shares being issued-specifically as it pertains to paying off all the current loans.

    Can anybody help explain the ramifications here for new shares under both scenarios – King’s resolution passed and did not pass. Appreciate any help provided.

  13. dancingbhoy

    Is it legal that the Radar would know any individuals voting in this resolution?

    McCoist has already shown himself as a self-interested mercenary when he retained his salary while on gardening leave,k but that the contract he had and fully entitled

    Only fools think he would vote in “best interests of the club” when it affects him financially.

    If this was cutting your equity in half would you vote for it?

  14. Steven R

    Phil – I really have to commend your sense of humour!! The target ads featured on your site usually raise a bit of gentle mirth when speaking of matters Sevco, but today’s target ad has excelled itself on all levels – the ad I’m seeing is for a company offering START-UP LOANS!!

    You’re a baaaaad man, sir!!

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      I can’t claim any credit for the (see what I did there?) that.
      It’s all down to the “programmatic trading” of the Google folk.
      They work out what they think you might want to see.

      1. michaelcraven1

        Sorry Phil,
        Interjection,then they assess your cookie gathered info,and proceed to pester you with ads on EVERY site you visit.I think that’s how it works(brainwashing),and I understand you permitting ‘Google folk’ access to your site,because IF you declined they could make life quite/very difficult for you.At least that’s what I’m told.Better to appease these GIANTS than,shall we call it,do a ‘Charles Green/Dave King’ on entities that really shouldn’t be messed MASH and D.D.

        That way you can fend off the rest of the ads people,I suppose their only doing their jobs and trying to earn an honest living.I still couldn’t,not for all the tea in China.

        I’m just wondering what size shirt tae get you for the Scottish Cup Final.Well,the kit-man,used to be John Clark??,has to prepare his chests of strips and track suits etc.Guessing,but I’d say X-large.Whereas Jabbas would be even bigger than my XXX-large,his would be feqn huge,more in akin wae a two man tent.Fat non-journalist.

        Thanks again.✅⚽️ All Hail St.Brendan Rodgers.HH

  15. Gordon

    I would not be surprised if this is another bum story by Level 5. Put out a potential bad story then when the votes are counted (how independent/accountable Is the counting ?) a victory is announced, followed by an outbreak of VAGM celebrations.

      1. Hoots

        Anyone else and I’d have said it was a tactical move, but we know Ally’s no the best with tactics, so is this a case of ‘The Worm That Turned’?

  16. Succulent Humble Pie

    Thanks Phil – I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the piece in the Daily Ranger – in fact I just sent an email to the author [email protected]

    Mr Ralston,

    Your output and that of your colleague Keith Jackson is risible.

    As for today’s outpouring:

    “It is unclear why McCoist failed to vote. If Resolution 11 was passed, it would have seen his shareholding diluted by half without him making 
a fresh cash injection.”

    Perhaps McCoist did not want his shareholding diluted?

    “There is anger and disbelief at Rangers 
boardroom level at the actions of McCoist, in particular, who was awarded penny shares by former chief executive Charles Green.”

    What actions of McCoist? He didn’t do anything!

    There is also anger and disbelief among many decent people that you clowns keep peddling the same club myth.

    You and your newspaper are a disgrace to journalism.


    1. Crosshaven

      I wonder how Super Salary likes being named and shamed given he was shouting to know the names of decision makers against Rangers whose anonymity should have been protected and not laid out as bait for the klan.
      Like Mr Pie, I was also shocked to see the Daily Radar throw McMoist under the bus.
      A directive from Jabba perhaps so as to provide a scapegoat for the failed resolution 11.

  17. Swavvy

    ‘It is unclear why McCoist failed to vote. If Resolution 11 was passed, it would have seen his shareholding diluted by half without him making 
a fresh cash injection.’

    So, the Record can’t work out that the Gulping Gardener doesn’t want his stake cut in half even though they state it in the same sentence?!?!

    Even for the lamb munchers, that’s beyond embarrassing, as the answer is already in the question, ffs.

  18. Swavvy

    I do indeed love a bit of Ibrox schadenfreude, Phil, but now the question is what can KingCo do if Resolution 11 fails?

    Turn to Resoultion 12 ..?

    Haha, sorry couldn’t resist it.

    Good on ye, man, and well done to the Bhoys yesterday in casually playing Aberdeen off the park for the 100th trophy in the history of our great club.


    1. Swavvy

      Thanks for your replies, Clumpster, and welcome back.

      Your article on child abuse is maybe one of the finest public utterances on the subject and should be blown up to stadium size and wrapped around Ibrox, and Pittodrie, going by the banner carried to the game by Aberdeen fans yesterday.

      And, cheers, I very much enjoyed the match, and the easy manner of our victory, in that rare and delightful way when you know new and wonderful things are happening.

      Keep up the great work.

      Hail Hail!


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