Trouble and the dark alley

This Sevco saga seems to be revealing people in their true colours.

The Cheeky Chappie’s mask slips by the day.

I can reveal his latest outburst, that he had stormed out a SFA meeting and would never accept his former club being stripped of past titles and cups,has  led to families of SFA executives being threatened.

This latest sinister outburst resulted in such an outpouring of bile and bitterness that police had to become involved.

You may ask why this has not been recorded in the mainstream press? It is indeed a valid query; they perhaps are two busy with James Traynor exclusive that there are white knights still wanting to invest £millions in the possible third division newco.

Of course the cheeky chappie has a history of exacerbating fraught situations and then disappearing like a blue ghost into the night without culpability.

Remember the confrontation with Neil Lennon, we may never know what was said but there was only one guilty party in the eyes of the mainstream press and it certainly wasn’t the Cheeky Chappie.

“Who are these people? I want to know who these people are?”

That was the Cheeky Chappie’s inflammatory outburst when the SFA’s fast track panel called for a transfer ban on his former club.

A premeditated battle cry to the Larkhall loyal and their army of cohorts. There are those that see the latest outburst as the Cheeky Chappie positioning himself for the “I do walking away” moment.

When innocent people are threatened and death threats are made one would have hoped Mr McCoist would be more careful when choosing his words.

The Larkhall loyal don’t want careful words, they are clinging to every syllable uttered by the Cheeky Chappie in the same way a drowning man would cling to any passing flotsam and driftwood.

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