Tweets and tank treads

In May 2015 Twitter was regaled one night with an Off The Radar yarn about Big Mike being forced to take a “backward step.”

For the avoidance of doubt, this is what The People wanted to believe.


Well for a man who had had his doors kicked in General Ashley looks as though he still has his tanks exactly where he wants them!

I am told that the court case next month is partly apropos at least one unpaid invoice.

My understanding is that unsold stock may be part of the story.

Moreover, I understand that there is a securitised element to the Rangers Retails Limited (RRL) deal.

This would explain the reporting that should the Sports Direct supremo carry the day then the highly valuable crests and trademarks would revert to RRL.

Obviously, as General Ashley knows only too well, a court case can go either way.

However, should he win his case next month then the Holding Company Vehicle will be hard pressed to find £1m plus costs to pay Big Mike.

Of course, this would be very unfortunate and could even spring a leak in the Engine Room Subsidiary.

I understand that this week the Admirable Warburton was told that there would be no money to buy players in the January transfer window.


His only option, as he stated at a presser his week, will be to try the loan market.

However, clubs in England talk and perhaps the set up at the Engine Room Subsidiary is quite up to standard.

Of course, any players that were to come on loan to the Engine Room Subsidiary would be guaranteed a world class breakfast at that Auchenhowie Park place.

I was told by an Ibrox insider today that it “is a given” that there will be attempts to move some players out of the Ibrox door.

He made it clear to me that it would be an austerity agenda that would propel this player movement.

Once more the name of Mr Gordon Smith came up in conversation.

This well-placed source believes that Mr Smith had been tasked by the Sevco High Command to find new clubs for current Sevco players.

The entire landscape appears to be one of a distressed company.

One that is loss making and cannot access a credit line from a bank.

However, help is at hand.

I am sure that those fine chaps behind the Lion Brand will not doubt rush to the cause in these dark times for the Holding Company Vehicle.

Of course, they cannot do it all by themselves.

I would like to think that there will be some help for these heroes.

As for Big Mike’s tanks?

‘They Haven’t Gone Away, You Know!’


31 thoughts on “Tweets and tank treads

  1. bawsman

    I think they chose 1872 because they needed some income that a ‘significant anniversary’ could draw with merchandise, no point in waiting an extra year when needs must.

  2. joe mccormack

    Ah well all good things come to an end as Joey is frog marched out of Murray Park clutching the world class coffee machine that he had installed in the canteen.

    What next Waghorn going in the huff and removing the silver cutlery set that he had provided free gratis?

    This could escalate significantly, putting those world class Murray Park breakfasts at risk.

    Not to worry Keith is ahead of the story…..seriously how much longer can the Sports Editor and The Editor In Chief continue to allow their journalists to print Level 5 pish?

    Joey’s going to walk away quietly with his tail between his legs and a bumper, DR speak, 8 weeks wages pay off………really Keech, really?

    Can you imagine, even after such a short stay at the club, how much dirt Joey has to dish……a lot more than 8 weeks wages for sure.

    The international break has actually came at a good time for The Shoogly Hat, despite his previous misgivings about the lack of time he will have to prepare for Europa Cup qualifiers next season. Two weeks should be long enough for him to develop thicker skin.

    Unlike many at Ibrox The Hat will be praying that Brendan brings home the treble as this will open up Europa Cup football for those finishing 2nd to 5th in the SPFL.

    Of course it’s a given that all of these clubs fulfill UEFA FFP criteria.

  3. Jimthetim8

    Barton pay off – Ashley court case – King will roll out the lie that the transfer budget was spent defending the Rangers ! And some players had to be sold waghorn etc Just in time for the festive season It’s a great time to be a Tim

  4. Luke`s Grandad

    Just read warbs giving an update on the fitness of wonderkid Jordan Rossiter, “Jordan is a fit lad”. Douglas Bader was shot down, had new limbs fitted, and was back in the air fighting the Germans quicker than its taken sevco to get Jordan fit.HH.

  5. joe mccormack

    Is there anyone in English football management not on the make?

    Big Sam, now Sammy Lee telling porkies in court about meetings that never happened, attempting to move the time lines to cut an agent out of his commission when Lee had his short spell as manager at Bolton……oh and Frank, the guru, McParland also got a mention for his part in the deception. He was General Manager at Bolton at the time.
    Now if those smart HR advisors are on the ball at Ibrox then Frankie boy should be toast, covered by that clause in his contract about bringing the club into disrepute.
    I’m sure Joey’s brief will be keeping a close eye on how this one plays out.

    Having words with the manager and fellow players is one thing being implicated in a bung scam is another.

    1. Charger

      I see Joey boy is off sick. STRESS!!!!! He hasn’t trained since last Thursday. £30G a week and he’s f*****g .STRESSED.

  6. joe mccormack

    I see The Googly Hat’s chief scout guru has been caught out in court telling porkies about the date a contract had been signed.

    Radar will be all over this, front page in all the papers tomorrow.

    ‘Rangers Chief Scout in Court lies Scandal’

  7. R.St.Parsley

    “Right” said Dave,
    Unlocking the boardroom,
    “The fans all think I keep the warchest here”.
    We searched each nook
    And cranny of the crook’s lair.
    Couldn’t find it in there,
    And that was no surprise to me.

    “Right” said Dave,
    “We have to smash the place up,
    Stage a break-in so the cops will see
    That I’m missing
    A pot that I can piss in.
    Claim on the insurance
    And then I’ll get the cash for free”.

    Then I had a think and I said to Dave:
    “I think I know the answer
    But are you not just a chancer”?
    He said:”You could be right,
    I’m well-known for talking shite”.

    “Right” said Dave,
    Picking up a hammer.
    Smashed a wall in with a heavy blow.
    That just left us
    Covered in asbestos,
    Needing even more of Dave’s dough.
    Then Dave said to me:
    “I know this scam with EBTs…”
    And I said:”Fuck!NO!”

  8. Jimbo

    Apparently one of their fans won £4000 on the half time raffle and they offered him £2000 and a corporate package for the other £2000.
    Came from a sevco fan my mate knows, interesting!!

    1. Smiddy

      Dipped my toe (I know, I know) into their lotto pages and found it difficult to understand how their various draws actually work, i.e what is the min prize etc etc. Try and find the T&C’s will take you a month of Sundays – I didn’t find them.

  9. joe mccormack

    When the whole thing goes tits up Radar Jackson will be first in the queue to tell us that he’s been all over the story from day 1….aye right Keech.
    With the next England manager unravelling before our eyes expect some frosty headlines via the Level 5 media pack questioning the managerial abilities of the Entitled One.
    Shock, horror, the suitability of a former, ‘high flying’ former city trader to manage one of Scotland ‘s major clubs will be front and centre.
    The Ibrox board must be less than chuffed by the quotes from some players that it wasn’t the real Rangers who turned up at Dingwall yesterday, it’s all getting a little confusing
    Of course the cynics might say that theses headlines are deflecting criticism from the man whose over investment promises are the stuff of legend.
    However it’s clear that Scottish football is heading for another period of uncertainty as the recently published accounts, complete with going concern note, highlight that without soft loans from existing providers, and other sources, the club is skating on very thin ice.
    The repayment of the soft loans has been pushed back till December 2017 with not a hint as to how this will be funded. Will King discover a Nomad prepared to do business with him? But even a share issue is not going to bring new money into the club with the soft loans being north of £15m by season end, therefore a debt for equity exchange will leave the lenders with share certificates the value of which could amount to Jack shit.
    There are questions being asked about UEFA FFP rules which Regan and his crew will be well aware of. Aberdeen in their recently published accounts go out of their way to make it clear that they fulfill UEFA criteria, I’m sure that the other clubs competing for Europa Cup places will be equally compliant.
    If King doesn’t pull a giant rabbit from a hat shortly, and that hat would indeed have to be truly magic, then the game’s a bogey.

  10. Rumpole of the Bailey

    Has anyone noticed that Donald Trump signals with his right hand the binary number system every time he speaks?


    He makes zero and one with his hand. Every time he speaks. Without failure.

    Is he a cyborg messaging other cyborgs in digital binary code?

    His digital binary message reads – Sevco are fucked.

    His other right hand gesticulations are similar to hitler in the 1930s & 40s.

  11. avidspectator

    Pat Nevin’s Barnet, the confusion over dates on the original ranger’s badges arises from the difference in time between agreeing to set up a team / club and playing the 1st game. In Celtic’s case, Brother Walfrid’s meeting was in 1887 but it was 1888 before Celtic played a match. Ranger’s death, in liquidation, is taking somewhat longer than their creation, but it is giving us so much more fun.
    The non receipt of any of the Setanta payout by Sevco was just another confirmation of the legal status of Sevco, not that you will find much coverage by any of our world class Scottish sports journalists. The cash went to BDO which means the stiffed creditors might get another tuppence in the pound – poor sods.

  12. Slasher02

    Whilst watching RB Leipzig play Mainz in the Bundesliga, I recall hearing an English football journalist (get this in some others countries journalists just like Phil, search for news stories which may enlighten fans as to what goes on in boardrooms) suggest that the Austrian soft drink company has an interest in adding Leeds United to their ever increasing roster of sports clubs.
    Should Signore Cellino prefer not to sell his club, and said Austrians still wish to aquire a feeder club in the U.K., how difficult would it for them to set up a RB Glasgow, playing out of a Red Bull Arena, in say Govan?
    As I understand it, the Austrians have very little interest in things like history, club crests, or jerseys which are anything other than white and red.

  13. sligojoe

    I’m surprised at their performance today at Ross County, dropping 2 points!

    After the Kilmarnock game I got the impression that everything was sorted. Sevco were Up (where they belong) in second place and from here on in that’s how it was likely to stay.

    Mark Warburton was bleating about the winter break and how it could have an adverse effect on Sevco’s chances of qualitying for European competition. Like that’s their biggest problem.

    However, it looks like things haven’t changed that much after all.

    Still, there’s always next week.

    1. Mr Mah Jest Stick

      ‘Look! That blade of grass is an eighth of a millimetre too long!’ 😀

      And his troosers are an eighth of an inch too tight.

      In fact, maybe that’s why he’s moaning all the time …

    1. joe mccormack

      John, all the soft loan repayments have been pushed out to December 2017 according to the notes in the recently published accounts.

      There is no hint as to how the repayments will be funded. By the end of the season the loans will be north of £15m so perhaps a debt for equity swap is the plan…….though this would bring no new money whatsoever into the club with the value of the share certificates being open to question.

      1. Jim Thomas

        Joe to get a debt for equity swap they would need the agreement of the other shareholders. They in turn would not want their shareholding diluted, so as before, I can see that failing at the first hurdle.

      2. Zeddy

        This is not a guarantee as equity release has already been stopped at previous agm. Investors know that they are potentially pouring money down a black hole.

  14. Pat Nevins' Barnet

    Funny how the Sevconian High Command seem to associate themselves with certain (usually self promoting or histerius continuensis) things – ‘the old firm’ myth , their ‘poppy’ obsession and belief that they are ‘the worlds most successful club’ come to mind!

    At the same time – ‘they’ prefer to distance themselves from other things that may disrupt the ‘theory of continuation’ or draw attention to what is commonly known as ( although not often in Scottish mainstream footballing journalism) ‘The Truth’.

    In this respect I would draw attention to two ‘things’ which fall into both the ‘associate’ and ‘ disassociate’ categories. Both little mentioned in the media, but worthy of mention.

    Phil more than hinted at the first in his above post…

    Why is it that the centre of footballing excellence (and internationally acclaimed morning sustenance ) formerly known as ‘Murray Park’ is increasingly now referred to under another name? Could it be that the high command are gradually trying to ‘distance’ themselves from something? Surely for a club desperate to cling on to its (ahem) ‘history’ they wouldn’t want to quietly erode the name of a former great benefactor and financial icon?

    And a second thing pointed out to me recently by somebody non-Scottish and with no interest in Scottish football. She noticed recently that two Sevco football club badges had differing dates on them and inquired why one said 1872 while another said 1873. I had noticed this myself a few years ago and wondered at the time , but just put it down to the ‘post rebirth’ identity crisis going on at the time. Recently however it has reared its head in conversation again, but no firm reason could be given as to why or what was going on other than that 1872 seems to be the recent ‘adjustment’. One outlandish theory ( get this!) was that every year or so a year will be taken off – a sort of ‘clocks going back’ to suit, except they don’t go forward again next spring. Could it be that by 2030 or so they might be the oldest football club in Britain? Rather than the newest!

    My own theory is a bit simpler, much less fanciful , but equally cynical.

    Any guesses?

  15. Joe Keane

    Sevco must be due an appearance on Can’t Pay and We’ll Take it Away on Channel 5. CC King and Potless clinging onto the Lovin Cup as the enforcement officers take it to be melted down. No doubt Sevco henchmen Fester and Thugg will crawl from under their stones to attempt a death or glory charge along with Je Suis and Agent 00L5 Graham. The Jabba script will be that some misunderstanding occurred and all will be well, dear Peepul. Radar Jackass will do his best to spread the turd. Brother Regan will offer up Hampden as an imperfect remedy should Snake Mountain’s roofs cave in during the dignified kerfuffle. But respite will be short…General Ashley’s tanks to rumble over the whole zombie horde pile next day. RIP Sevco, we hardly knew you.


  16. Lazarenko

    This is shaping up to be delicious. No new signings in January. No chance of decent loan signings. Some players being shipped out. All of this will lead to restless ‘peepul’ putting more pressure on a diminishing pool of average players. Under these circumstances, 5th place is not out of the question. Can’t wait to watch it all unfold.

  17. Laughing at Sevco Daily

    What??? They’re a LOSS making company with NO credit line from a bank?
    When and how did this come about?

    Must go……got some major laughing to do!

  18. JT

    Good enough for them!
    Top six in the league might just be
    a bridge too far for them with their
    new austerity programme in place.


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