Two scoops of Sevco please

There is a season for everything, including football tickets.

Yesterday the Stenographers gathered at Ibrox to ask soft ball questions for the new management team at Sevco.

In reality, it was mainly a sales pitch to The People to stump up £411 to watch a second tier outfit next season.

Of course the previous dug out duo are still on the payroll; Mr Super until December and his trusty Number Two until January.

So, at time of writing, Sevco are paying for two managers and two assistant managers.

The Holding Company Vehicle currently has ten senior players on the books.

So an expensive rebuilding project must get underway ASAP.

The mainstream media have reported to The People that Mr Warburton has received assurances from Mr King about the availability of finance.

Has received assurances from Mr King…

The fundamentals of the Ibrox business remain unchanged.

It is still bleeding money out to the Sevco Triangle and Big Mike has moved his battle to the court room.

There he can outspend the New Regime by a factor of how much he thinks is necessary.

In London last week it was five against one in lawyers.

The EGM votes now state publicly that the Holding Company Vehicle will not pay back the £5m from the January loan.

Ashley considers that agreement to have been breached, and he will almost certainly take that argument in front of a judge before very long.

In the meantime, The People are buying the spin, and they are being invited to…ahem…over invest in the King venture.

The New Regime has precious little commercial revenue from merchandising.

Big Mike also has a large portion of advertising space and, of course, the January loan means that he has security over the crests and registered trademarks.

The Stenographers will, of course, do their duty and dutifully fill the back pages and the airwaves with all manner of upbeat pish.

The reality is that this is a loss-making business without a credit line from bank.

Moreover, the venture is now headed up by a convicted criminal.

If there was an investigative journalist at large in Glasgow with a supportive editor then there is a rich vein of Sevco stories.

They could excavate the truth about just how precarious the Sevco financial situation really is.

Instead, press releases are obediently regurgitated, and Ibrox Churnalism has been taken to a new Level.

There are certain dishes that are seasonal.

However, the good news is that Jelly and Ice Cream can be on the menu at any time of the year.

As with other things, it is a dish best served cold.

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