Two very likeable guys

I have to admit that I just can’t help liking this guy Whyte.

His surprise interview with the Beeb’s Chris McLaughlin has put a few things out there.

Firstly his revelations will come as no surprise to regular visitors to this site.

Mr Whyte was trumpeted by the Scottish mainstream media as the saviour of the Ibrox club.

As ever, dear reader, I was something of a contrarian. I even had the bad manners as far back in June 2011 to mention the securitisation of season tickets.


Several times during the interview he mentioned that October 2011 was a crisis time for the deceased club.

This had been flagged up at the time on here and, at the last moment, Whyte had decided to keep the lights on.

In the interview he admitted that Administration in October “…a possibility that was discussed…”

There was much crowing by the mainstream that the internet guys had got it wrong.

Well actually as it turns out that what I was warning about was very close to happening.

Then there was the Salmond intervention with Hector once Rangers went into Administration.

Once more that story was broken on here Mr Whyte confirmed to Chris that the First Minister had intervened directly on Rangers’ behalf with HMRC, but to no avail.

It is worth noting that once the story broke the canny First Minister dropped the idea.

Craig Whyte stated during the interview that Rangers by October were unable to meet their PAYE obligations.

Well actually Craig it was rather earlier than that.

Mr Whyte said he wasn’t used to this level of scrutiny.

Sorry Craig, it was business, it wasn’t personal.

You know that I like you.

Mr Whyte didn’t reveal how much money he had made out of the “financial basket case” at Edmiston Drive.

I fully understand that as it would be rather vulgar to mention large amounts of money just as Sevco may be entering their own cash flow crisis.

Have I mentioned that I also I really like Charles Green?

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