Unanticipated problems

I found this recent utterance by Mr David Cunningham King somewhat puzzling: 

“A further unanticipated investment was made to pay off the Sports Direct loan and to recover all security held by Sports Direct.”

Certainly, the folks at Sports Direct were happy enough to get their money back.

Especially as they had been advised by their legal people just before Christmas that their security on the assets might be compromised by the outstanding criminal cases.

The General ordered his legal troops into battle.

Then, in an entirely coincidental occurrence,  the money was found by the New Regime and the loan paid back.

The devil, of course, is in the detail.

Over the past few days, Planet Fitba has been buzzing with the rumour that Sports Direct were paid back by a fresh loan that had been secured against future season tickets.

It is certainly the understanding of folks close to Shirebrook command centre that this rumour is, in part, true.

The figure proffered to me today that had been raised on season ticket futures was:

“…around two million”.

Of course, this information could be wrong and General Ashley might have been paid back from the vast personal wealth of Mr David Cunningham King.

Moreover, the New Regime might still have pressing business with the Ashley Empire.

I have been told that not all of the monies for the closing of the unprofitable shops has been paid.

My information is that the Sevco chaps had been paying this back in instalments.

However, I understand that the most recent payment was missed and that interest is now accruing on this sum.

Of course, I’m sure that Mr Ashley will be very accommodating on this matter given the high degree of goodwill that currently exists between the New Regime and Sports Direct.

It is election time here in the Irish Republic as it is with the Rangers First organisation.

I ‘m told that the hustings for the latter body have been energetic and impassioned.

I hear that Mr Ricki Neill, in particular, has cut something of a dash in the battle for votes.

Indeed, I would not be surprised if some people in the Blue Room consider him to be director material.

They do, after all, have a proven track record in spotting talent from within the ranks of such loyal organisations.

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