Under pressure they reveal their soul.

It is an axiom in many professional organisations that extreme pressure reveals the true person.

This is why the people who construct training courses build in stressful situations into them.

I have had the logic of this approach proven to me many times over the decades.

The military and the emergency services are looking for stable extroverts. They need good team players, and that is why they put recruits under controlled pressure during basic training so that the  personality of the trainee can be assessed.

I believe what is true for an individual is also valid for groups of people.

Over the last two weeks, the supporters of Rangers football club have been brought face to face with an extreme pressure situation

At Ibrox during the first match after going into Administration they sang about being up to their knees in Fenian blood.

Yesterday in Inverness they felt moved to chant about paedophilia as if it were a suitable subject for sporting rivalry.

What appears to be in short supply among the Rangers choir are any songs about their own football club.

There are remarkably few tunes or chants in their repertoire recalling great players or past victories.

They appear to prefer Fenian Bastards to Fearless Baxter.

Is this actually a football club?

Moreover, is it any wonder that so many on Planet Fitba pinch themselves at the tantalising prospect of a world without Rangers?

Following Administration and the possibility of the club being liquidated the Rangers support have revealed their inner self.

Their collective soul is one of distilled hatred for Scotland’s Irish community and for people of the Catholic faith.

This is who they are.

Please let this football club die…

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