Unheeded warnings

When someone gives you a warning it isn’t their fault if you don’t heed it.

Alastair Johnston warned Rangers fans about Craig Whyte in May 2011.

He was largely ignored by The People and this puzzled me at the time.

After all he was a genuine ‘Rangers man’ and had an excellent business record.

I took Mr Johnston’s words seriously and started digging and only a month later I had a fair idea what Mr Whyte planned for Rangers and I was happy.

My cheerfulness was derided by The People and that made me even happier.

At the same time the hacks were getting all aroused about ‘war chests’ and ‘front loading’.

It wasn’t pretty.

Now with Sevco things seem rather familiar, Malcolm Murray is also culturally thirled to Ibrox and his parting shot has several warnings contained within it.

Like Johnston he is a well respected businessman.

Despite this I suspect that The People will ignore the content of his well worded missive.

Last May I detailed some impending changes at Sevco.

Some of them have come to pass and I think it is only a matter of time before that entire list is ticked off one by one.

Only a few days ago I said that Cenkos were for the off and so it transpired.

I stand by my report that Daniel Stewart & Company were lined up to be the new NOMAD.

There is a great story in how they were de-selected/did walking away at the 11th hour.

Of course that story won’t appear in the Scottish mainstream media if it puts the succulent lamb ration at risk.

There is a rich vein of Sevco stories for the mainstream media in Scotland to be busying themselves with, but they are still shackled to a good news only narrative apropos matters Ibrox.

I had thought that being shamed last year by the best TV journalist in Britain would have made them up their game.

However, I was overly optimistic that the large amounts on egg on their faces last summer would force them to take succulent lamb off the menu.

Naively I had hoped for a paradigm shift in the Fitba Fourth Estate.

I was wrong about the hacks, but I’m not wrong about Sevco any more than I was wrong about Rangers.

While they continue to churnalize PR fluff there are people on Planet Fitba who are interested in the truth and their excavations are of the highest standard.


Fitba historians may look back in years to come and say that Sevco losing their original NOMAD was a sign that the new club was on a journey that would ultimately make them, well, nomadic.

Of course The People will disregard that last sentence and the warning contained therein.

I blame the schools.

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