Unsporting behaviour?

For me it will be interesting to finally have a neutral organisation analyse the content the Celtic songbook.

I just received this from UEFA:

Dear Sir,

We would like to confirm that UEFA has opened a disciplinary case against Celtic FC for an incident of unsporting nature (illicit chanting) at the  UEFA Europa League 2011/12 Group stage Match Day 4 match against Stade Rennais, played on Thursday, 3 November 2011.

The case will be dealt with by the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body on 8 December.

Kind regards,

UEFA Media Services

Of course there will be much salivating among the Laptop Loyal over this.

These are the same elements of Scotland’s Fourth Estate who argued that the famine song was “banter”.

Therefore their comments can be dismissed.

However this is an opportunity for the club to give leadership to the fans on how,in 2011, the supporters can celebrate the club’s Irish heritage in a way that complies with UEFA guidelines.

I have no idea what “illicit chanting” means in the UEFA world view, but we are about to find out.

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