Unsustainable costs and hostile creditors

A wee break from the word mines is in order I think.

I was further assured by an excellently placed source today that the £5m being offered to Sports Direct is not acceptable due to the strings attached.

Moreover, there was adamant Square Mile scuttlebutt last night that Big Mike’s patience with the New Regime had finally snapped.

It remains to be seen as to whether or not what was laid out in court yesterday had any influence on this putative change of mood.

General Ashley is back in the Command Post today after some seasonal R & R.

Two Square Mile chaps stated to me that the word in the City was that Ashley was now a hostile debtor.

One of them stated to me: “this is now a very fluid situation”.

What IS certain is that it is highly unlikely that Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) will be able to achieve a re-listing until these criminal proceedings are disposed of.

Moreover, their ability to access normal debt, secured against assets like Murray Park, will also be difficult.

A Championship Chairman told me this morning that the New Regime was offering various players to any takers.

He mentioned Fraser Aird, Ryan Hardie and David Templeton.

This is a smart move from a club with an unsustainable cost base.

Also, spare a thought for the working hack at a national title who recently had his byline attached to an opinion piece that he did not write nor did he agree with the sentiments contained therein.

In fact, he did not know about the article until it appeared in the online edition of his blatt and it was brought to his attention.

He has been keeping schtum about this in public as he needs the job.

Ah, the wages of spin…

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