Update to the Resolution 12 Statement of 19th November 2013.

The following statement has been supplied to me by those involved in pursuing resolution 12.

“Following the adjournment of resolution 12 at the Celtic PLC AGM and the undertakings given by the board to the shareholders, a further meeting has taken place with the company secretary with the specific purpose of allowing two of the main shareholders behind the resolution to return from abroad and have sight of the correspondence that has thus far been exchanged with the SFA. 

The ongoing dialogue and correspondence between the shareholders and the company secretary will continue over the early part of 2014 with certain key issues and matters now having been clearly identified and discussed. These matters will now form the focus of further correspondence with a view to further clarification being sought from the football authorities if necessary.

The entire matter of resolution 12 is one which shows how shareholders and/or ordinary fans can work with and alongside the board of a formal corporate body with a common purpose and with a view to ensuring that those who govern football administration in Scotland can, where necessary, be the subject of enquiry from the ordinary fan.

Further information will be provided as and when those further enquiries are made and answered”

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