Waiting for a new saviour.

One of the most striking things about the last week on Planet Fitba has been the response of Rangers supporters.


Even now there does not seem to be any organised movement of fans to implement an agreed agenda for change.

Why should this be so?

Back in my undergraduate days at York we spent many intense seminars on the pressing subject of the “deferential working class”; we wanted to know how to fix them.

“False consciousness” was the diagnosis of these proletarians who accepted their lowly status within class society.

Looking back much of this optimism about changing this was all highly risible.

However with a charismatic Professor like Laurie Taylor anything seemed plausible.

The problems of a deferential working class re-emerged from my long term memory when considering the inaction of Rangers supporters to the current crisis.

There has been no equivalent of “Celts for change” among the Ibrox faithful, and now it is too late. What will happen will happen.


Quite simply they are not the stuff you make rebellions with.

They worship power and strong leaders.

This is a sub culture of the happy underling.

Neither empire nor Auschwitz could function without such biddable types.

Social scientists like Milgram and Zimbardo have tried to discover the origins of this blind obedience and worship of authority.

In the Rangers support, we have an excellent example of what Hitler’s Propaganda guru Goebbels understood could be done with a compliant crowd where the little man could be transformed “from a little worm into part of a large dragon.”

In their deference to “Mr Whyte” the Ibrox crowd was the perfect sub culture to buy into their own collective oblivion.

The assembled throng at Ibrox on Saturday would much rather wade up to their knees in Fenian blood than collectively organise against their own ruling class.

Instead of exerting their collective might against existing power structures some of them would prefer to prowl the streets in search of the next Mark Scott.

Even as they turn against Craig Whyte they pray for another feudal overlord to worship.

My idealistic colleagues were correct to concern themselves with this social problem in the civilised environs of York University sociology department.

The gathering at Ibrox tomorrow will once more confirm that we are no clearer to finding  a cure.

Until then the rest of us on Planet Fitba would be better off without them.

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