What a mess

Oh this is all getting messy…

There has been some speculation among The People apropos the Chief Executive of their two year old club.

For the avoidance of doubt Chief Executive Graham Wallace is now on Gardening Leave.

Apart from turning up for a couple of games to be photographed smiling he has carried out no serious official functions for RIFC in the last 35 days.

I understand that the sticking point to formalising his departure is the trifling matter of his bonus.

The issue seems to be that promises were made to Mr Wallace by senior RIFC shareholders as opposed to the company itself.

The difference between his bonus taxed or net of tax is certainly worth haggling over.

On the matter of all the large staff bonuses they should have been paid last month and are currently outstanding.

At least one Signing On Fee is also overdue.

There might have been a chance of someone, say a major shareholder, lending money with Murray Park as security.

However the iconic Albion car park was a sticking point in the negotiations.

What is not widely known is that many of the Onerous Contracts (OnCons) have a ‘top flight’ clause built in.

So not only will the club be promoted, but the contracts will also get a promotion bonus!

This means that there is a financial time bomb ticking inside the Sevco balance sheet waiting on next season.

Clever boy Charlie!

This is all very messy dear reader.

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