What an outspending interview!

Well dear reader, as exclusively revealed here a few days ago, Mr White of Sky Sports News duly arrived to interview Mr David Cunningham King at his palatial lair.

It was no surprise when the South African based entrepreneur was subjected to White’s trademark tough questioning.

In fairness to the people at Sky they had expected more from the trip.

My sources in that media organisation have told me that Mr King had offered a lot more Off the Record before Jim White left the UK for Johannesburg.

Had the Chairman of Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) stated this information on camera then the folk from Sky would have had a genuine scoop.

As Mr King did not tell ME the information on an OFF The Record basis therefore I am not bound by that journalist rule in this instance.

I understand that the people at Sky had been briefed that what they would get would be the exclusive that Mike Ashley was ready to invest £10m in RIFC.

It was probably this that convinced the people at Sky to authorise the expense of the trip.

As it was the only fresh information in the piece is how many bottles of wine Mr King has in his cellar.

However, I suspect that Big Mike will be smiling that David Cunningham King is clearly advocating that The People buy Sevco merchandise.

For the avoidance of doubt the devil does still reside in the retail at Sevco.

I said yesterday that the Chairman of RIFC would have to come up with something special and send a clear signal to the Ibrox clientele.

Well he certainly did that!

The message was clear and that it is The People must outspend the Celtic support.

So, in a sense, we’re back to ‘Fivers and Tenners’.

Of course the £10 will not come from the coffers of Mr Cunningham King.

One thing that the RIFC Chairman is very adept that and that is playing to the darkest fears of The People.

“If we can’t get the supporters back to outspending the Celtic supporters and I put that simply, we will be the second biggest club in Scotland.”

It is clear that the RIFC Chairman requires his…ahem…’coinvestors’ to stump even more cash.

A cheaper expedition would be for Mr White to go and interview Mr Douglas Park.

Now that would be an interview worth getting in the present circumstances.

Perhaps Mr White will be kicking himself now that he didn’t press the RIFC Chairman in just how much of his own money he has so far spent on the new entity.

Mr Park would be able to answer that one for the man from Sky and at a fraction of the cost of the Johannesburg jolly.

In fairness to White as soon as he was off the plane from South Africa I am told that he was into the editing suite to get the piece cut.

I was pleased to learn that Mr White travelled in the same fashion as his interviewee and was comfortably seated in business class there and back.

Moreover, like Mr King, someone else was paying for the exorbitantly priced journey.

I think that is a reasonable metaphor for Mr King’s dalliance with Sevco.

For the current RIFC Chairman it is always based on other people’s money.

During this Ticket Season it is all about The People’s money because it certainly isn’t about his cash.

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