What the Dickens is going on at Ibrox?

These are austere times at the Bleak Big House.

So far it has been the ‘low hanging fruit’ that has felt the edge of the austerity axe being wielded by Big Mike’s men.

There have been cuts in marketing, media and the ticket office at Ibrox.

Once the staffing establishment at the stadium John Brown played for has been trimmed down then Murray Park will be next.

At the start of his consultancy period at Ibrox Derek Llambias was quite clear that, in his opinion, this entire venture was a waste of time and money for Mike Ashley.

Moreover he told him that directly.

Now it is fair to say that the ex-Newcastle United Chief Executive has hardened his positon about the viability of the current entity operating out of the Bleak Big House.

However he will work to Ashley’s orders and is currently going through the overstaffed organisation operating out of Ibrox and roughly filleting it.

Once he gets to that incubator of sporting excellence in Milngavie he will get his head around the level of duplication between Ibrox and Murray Park.

My sources tell me that the medical and physio departments at the Auchenhowie complex will be closed with the services outsourced as and when required.

I understand that some of the people who are being let go at Ibrox might be offered zero hour contracts to keep them on in some way.

That this is happening several weeks from Christmas is not good at all and I feel for those ordinary workers.

At time of writing I understand that there is not enough cash in the organisation to meet payroll for December.

Once more it will be 11th hour stuff to try and patch something together.

I expect this to be a world exclusive on the back page of a Scottish tabloid next week, but I didn’t see the point in you waiting that long to find out.

Mr David Somers is increasingly realising just what a heavy load Philip Tudor Nash was hefting in the months before his resignation.

With Graham Wallace effectively on gardening leave (a concept that still stumps the stenographers) Nash was doing two jobs.

The RIFC executive chairman is walking in Nash’s moccasins and it is a hard road he has to follow follow.

I understand Mr Llambias was not available for a couple of days last week and Mr Somers appeared to miss him somewhat.

The point man for Ashley is unequivocal about what has to be done.

His brief from Big Mike is to implement Mr Micawber’s recipe for happiness.

I am told that Mr Llambias is of the opinion that the entire operation needs to be “closed down and restarted”.

By that I understand a root and branch organisational makeover, but that cannot take place while the Onerous Contracts are in place.

One of those agreements covers the Rangers Superstore and the deal is so weighted against the two year old club as to make it something of a curiosity shop.

At present HMS Sevco is not a happy ship and one senior chap brought in by Ashley was moved to describe some long standing employees at the Ibrox operation as “parasites”.

I must say that I find his choice of words rather telling.

Moreover I think it is fair to say that Big Mike was not aware of the extent of the corporate creativity conjured up by Charles if Normandy and the Blue Pitch and Margarita boys.

However he does now and the top man at Newcastle United isn’t best pleased about what he has gotten himself into down Govan way.

I have been told to expect that little Stockbridge to feature in a forthcoming episode of this long running farce.

On the field the mighty Glasgow Sevco are now the subject of much derision and the manager is taking fire from all sides.

Of course I realise that these are difficult times for The People, but actually the floundering Super Alistair should be the least of their concerns.

I believe that much of this saga will eventually play out in the courts of the realm with a degree of comedy and tragedy worthy of Jarndyce v Jarndyce.

If all of this unfolds the way that it appears to be heading then the future of The People is rather Dickensian.

Bleak in fact.

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