Whatever it takes. (Episode 94).

There seems to have been some confusion regarding the case of Joleon Patrick Lescott Esq.

Earlier today the British Broadcasting Corporation told a breathless world that the Aston Villa defender had failed his medical.

Lescott BBC medical


Then the Villa owner used Twitter to put his side of the story.

Tony Xia

My information, from someone very close to the action, is that the drama was entirely non-medical in nature.

I understand that Aston Villa would have paid the lion’s share of his salary for the first year at Ibrox.

This was, I’m told, cheaper than if Villa had paid off his contract and made him a free agent.

However, the issue arose when it came to the second year of employment at Ibrox.

I’m told that the wording in the contract was, at best, ambiguous apropos his exact level of remuneration at Sevco during the final twelve months.

Of course, agents and players talk and it is only good sense to gauge how the current workforce are finding their surroundings.

Perhaps Mr Lescott and his representative remembered the old military wisdom that ‘time spent in reconnaissance is never wasted’.

Spare a thought though for the Admirable Warburton even his 11th-hour intercession could not save the day.

I’m told that he really wanted Mr Lescott.

Sad Warbo

Of course, some had already passed judgement on the cut of Mr Lescott’s jib.

Lescott Cut of his jib

The Radar had reported that it was deal done this morning (06.00am).

Lescott Radar done deal McCarthy

Alas it was not to be.

I’m told that his imminent arrival in the home dressing room at Ibrox had excited some of The People.

Despite that, my source said to me that there are several rather relieved people in the Sevco High Command today.

Indeed I’m told that they are happy that this deal has fallen through.

Although one director in particular still believes that Mr David Cunningham King will “come up with something,” there are others in the Blue Room who just see an unsustainable cost base building up.

However, the Lescott story was across the back pages while the biggest club in Scotland was getting ready for a crunch tie in the Champions League.

Despite the stenography Sevco just aren’t at that Level.

Not even close.

Dear reader, if I didn’t know any better then I would think that some chaps in the Blue Room feel the need to convince The People that Sevco can go toe to toe with Celtic financially.

Ah, bless…

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Míle buíochas.

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