What’s the point, caller?

What is the point of radio phone-ins?

Last night on Clyde 1 Super Scoreboard the three guys in the studio Jim Delahunt, Mark Guidi and Graham Spiers took a call from a man about a CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement) to get Rangers out of Administration.

There then followed an embarrassing tangle where, with great certitude, the three journalists contradicted the caller who had it bang on about the CVA and what percentage of debt  a creditor had to have in order  to block it.

It produced the following tweet from the hack pack’s self-styled intellectual:

[email protected]

Apologies for Spiers-induced HMRC faff on Clyde tonight. Of course Ibrox CVA could be blocked if tax bill is over 25% of debt. #toomuchgolf.”

For any journalist working on this story for more than a year to be unaware of the basic mechanics of a CVA is unforgivable.

The entire point of calling into a radio show is that the guys in the studio are meant to be more knowledgeable than the callers.

Seriously, what is the point of phoning in?

I have, in the past, called in to provide them with key facts on the Rangers financial situation.


Just like the lads on Clyde I am not a business journalist.

However I go and ask people who are.

I take notes and I check facts.

If I am puzzled by any of their answers I go back and seek clarification.

This is basic stuff for anyone with a press card.

If you need any more evidence of the point I am making then here is the link where you can analyse the lack of analysis and build up your knowledgebase on their lack of knowledge.


There is definitely a media studies PhD on their lack of… err…studiousness.

What is the point caller?

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