When a strong signal is needed

Apparently the Wi-Fi was problematic at the Big House last night.

In truth that is the least of the problems at Sevco.

If the reported attendance of 22,000 is correct then the New Regime staged the match at a loss.

Given their lack of cash reserves and being without a credit line then they cannot afford too many of them.

All of the components of a train wreck are in place for those who wish to see.

In this new era of transparency at Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) then the people in charge will be forthright about Deloitte.

I am told ,by excellently placed sources, that the correspondence is unequivocal about why they Did Walking Away from Ibrox.

The internationally renowned firm stated quite clearly that there was no way that they would sign off on the accounts if the entity remained in the second tier of Scottish football with the New Regime in place.

The only way Deloitte would have remained as auditors with Sevco in the Championship would be if Mr Derek Llambias and Barry Leach were in the Blue Room.

In other words they would remain in place if the outfit was backed by Big Mike’s money.

Those two gentlemen are due a payoff from RIFC and I understand that it is due at the latest by the end of this month.

For the avoidance of doubt Deloitte made it very clear that if Mr David Cunningham King was in any way involved with RIFC then they were out.

Given that the New Regime only have Season Tickets as their main income stream then even if they scored massive on that they will still financially struggle.

Another story to follow for any journalist in Glasgow  who is not on the Succulent Lamb diet would be too dig into the behaviour of Deloitte while they had the RIFC account.

The global firm sent a high powered team to Glasgow to work on, in financial terms, a very small business.

My sources tell me that Deloitte were concerned about the reputational damage of being involved in with RIFC once it became apparent to them of some of the negative publicity that it could produce.

Mr David Cunningham King will have to come up with something special to deal with this crisis.

As in a special amount of money to finance a lossmaking business without a credit line from a bank.

I do hope that the Wi-Fi signal in South Africa is able to send that message this afternoon.

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