When the bad news is hand delivered

I suppose there is a gentle hint implied when invoices start to be delivered by courier rather than by post.

However, I suppose that the monies owed need to reach a certain Level before that happens.

Meanwhile, the admirable Mr Warburton continues in his quest to entice players to the Sevco squad.

I understand that what is on offer does not include a signing on fee or holiday pay.

Sources tell me that the ex-Brentford supremo was unclear about this until recently, but Mr Paul Murray has this one up for him.

One thing that Big Mike would like laid out for public perusal is the current expenses culture at Ibrox.

Indeed, it would not surprise me if the Ashley camp had a dossier on each of the major actors in the March palace coup.

The financial situation is not great.

If you do not believe this then just consider how much money has been spent on transfer fees for new players.

Especially given the “over investment” statement made by the Chairman Mr David Cunningham King.

All is not well financially at Ibrox, although you would not think that if you looked at the mainstream media.

It is perhaps worth reminding you dear reader that Mr Super remains on full pay, as does his trusty assistant Mr Kenny McDowell.

The former will pull down a monthly pay cheque until December, and his erstwhile subordinate remains on the Sevco payroll till January next year.

The view from Planet Ashley is that the New Regime is now running on financial fumes.

Moreover, it might just suit the deposed ones to sit back and watch this all implode.

Of course, the New Regime will not need to receive a hand-delivered letter telling them of the dire financial situation as they caused it in the first place.


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