You wouldn’t Adam ‘n’ Eve it!

This morning I spoke with a trusted source regarding the visit by police officers to the Sports Direct HQ yesterday.

He told me several specifics that, at this stage, he would be uncomfortable with me publishing.

So I have to honour that.

I had sent him through the splash from the Daily Radar and some breathless tweeting from last night.

He was dismissive of the reportage.

“I think they’ve been watching box sets of The Sweeney” he quipped.

Well, dear reader the visitation of the police to Shirebrook could not be further from the image of Thaw and Waterman spilling out of an old transit van in a scrapyard.

Moreover, I am told that the idea that the Sports Direct premises were searched is again, seriously wide of the mark.

Another well-placed source described the police visitation as :

“orderly and civilised”.

To put it simply to characterise the event as a ‘raid’ is entirely risible.

There seem to be some constants around the Ibrox story over the years:

Death, unpaid taxes and PR generated spin.

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