Zen and the gentle art of door kicking

Not everyone on Planet Fitba is in a Zen-like state of post-Shaktar bliss at the moment.

Some people are angry, none more so than The People.

They’re very, very angry.

I am reliably informed that there was a little bit of a commotion at the offices of the Daily Record and Sunday Mail in Pacific Quay in Glasgow recently.

The chap who apparently did the damage was described to me by a very good source as a ‘disgruntled Rangers fan’.

Apparently this dignified individual presented himself at reception demanding some form of satisfaction.

My source said that the basis of this fellow’s ire was that the newspaper wasn’t fair to ‘Rangers’.

When the aforementioned satisfaction was not forthcoming, this Sevco supporter apparently decided to emulate John Greig, with the revolving door playing the role of an unfortunate opponent.

Here are the photos I snapped today of the damage that was caused.

Daily Record Broken Door 1

Daily Record Broken Door 2

I was told that the toughened glass did put up a fight as he repeatedly kicked at it in his fury.

This incident of criminal damage does paint a picture of the everyday hassle that journalists and other staff at Glasgow newspaper offices sometimes face.

Although damaged doors may be rare, the almost daily diet of threat and smear takes its toll.

I believe that in the round this probably leads to some self-censorship among the hacks on matters Ibrox.

The largesse of David Murray during the succulent lamb days is now well established.

However, it is also worth remembering that the snarling sense of entitlement that the klan exudes today can still cow some journalists into toeing the line.

Of course, The People have previous for this type of behaviour.

If this incident had happened at, say, the offices of the Guardian in England by a member of the English Defence League then I think the title would have made some mention of it in their pages.

The problem for the klan is that things just aren’t what they used to be and the world is not to their liking.

Their half of the ‘Old Firm’ went and died on them and the tribute act at Ibrox doesn’t look like it is long for this world.

I do find it ironic that the sound of breaking glass is not accompanied by the noise of breaking stories.

The people in leadership positions at major titles see the Sevco customer base as their main demographic.

Subsequently, all information is assessed for its utility to a good news narrative for matters Ibrox.

For example, the same club fiction is slavishly followed by the mainstream media and this is to soothe the klan that their club did not die last summer.

This tribe of window kickers represents a clear and present danger to the ability of journalists to do their jobs properly in Glasgow.

I know that news out of Sevco isn’t going to get any better in the coming period so it is time to start reporting the unvarnished truth and install stronger doors.

Even if that does make some of The People a bit miffed, we will all ultimately be the better for it.

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