Zombie nation

Today in Fife the dead will walk the turf.

Stark’s Park will be a place of horror.

There have some sights over the years when the Rovers have taken to the field of play, but nothing like this.

In the dugout there won’t be a substitute’s bench, it will be more like a mortician’s slab.

Necromantic scientist Frankenstein Macavennie will do his best to defeat Beast Fife and Cowdendeath.

He has assembled a team, from body parts…

Let me explain.

In life timing is pretty much everything.

A film company had asked months ago to use Stark’s Park as a film location for a zombie movie.

This is part of the Kirkcaldy comedy festival.



Which means that people are meant to laugh at this stuff.


Firstly it is not anything to do with Raith Rovers FC.

The stadium is merely being used as a location, that’s the extent of their involvement.

Although of course the Kirkcaldy stadium is a world renowned movie location this is not a Cecil B. DeHutton production.

The Sevco chaps have been getting the “zombie” taunts for some months now on planet fitba.

So they are taking it personal.

It would appear that they don’t take well to humour.

So here we have a fantasy horror story that pokes fun at no ethnic or religious group.

Yet some folks who spend their waking hours hurling racist and sectarian abuse around suddenly feel mortally offended when some mild ribbing is aimed at them.

I think perhaps they are trying a little too hard.

The Ibrox klan  are reaching for the smelling salts because of the grave offence caused to their delicate little selves.

Sound familiar?

I just hope that that Raith Rovers are not now tarred with a sickening satirical brush.

Well I don’t know about you, but I find all of this rather laughable.

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